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Re: Do the world a favor and rid of of Schestowitz scum

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____/ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Thursday 25 December 2008 20:23 : \____

> I guess it's all right when Microsoft leaves a trail of dead
> "partners" with knives in their backs.  I think they call it "cutting
> off their air hose".  A lot a tears were shed in Redmond over those.
> What was it the Microsoft man said?  When you're going to kill
> someone, don't lose any sleep over it, just do it.
> Your exaggerated outrage at Roy's supposed lack of empathy shows what
> your real purpose is here---to shut up Roy or anyone else who might
> say something negative about your beloved Monopoly.  I won't shed any
> tears over you when your puppet meisters in Redmond go bankrupt and
> you can't find another trolling job.

The Munchkins have always been pretty useful. They indicated when the poster
was on the right topic. This helps people know what to concentrate on in the

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