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[News] GPL Stands Strong, GNU Depression-Proof Too

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The GPL is not a burden.

,----[ Quote ]
| But what if projects under the GPL could be developed out in the open. I 
| mean, if the linux kernel were hosted somewhere where anyone could see the 
| kernel before it's even released, the source code would lead the binary code. 
| If there was a website to host and house projects that are open source, it 
| would be even simpler. It's a shame we don't have such tools and websites 
| available. ;)     
| The open source methodology is to release early and release often. In 
| Fedora-land, we have a number of tools, including Fedora Hosted, that are not 
| only open for any takers, but can also be deployed free of charge, because 
| they themselves are open source projects. Any company that wants to stay in 
| compliance needs to understand that in some ways, open source software is 
| easier than closed source.     


Linux in 2009: Recession vs. GNU

,----[ Quote ]
| Pundits and business executives alike are predicting gloomy economic times 
| for 2009. But when the talk turns to free and open source software (FOSS), 
| suddenly the mood brightens. Whether their concern is the business 
| opportunities in open source or the promotion of free software idealism, 
| experts see FOSS as starting from a strong base and actually benefiting from 
| the hard times expected next year.     
| [...]
| "No downside," he said. Linux is here to stay."


This week:

Advantage: Red Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| Why am I not surprised to see Linux vendor Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) pull out a
| great quarter in the midst of a marketwide and worldwide panic? Let me
| explain.
| Just the facts, man
| Red Hat reported pro forma third-quarter earnings of $0.24 per diluted share,
| well above last year's $0.20 per share and handily beating analyst estimates.
| Sales grew 22% year over year to $165 million, which is slightly below
| analyst expectations; and $135 million of that figure comes from long-term
| license and support subscriptions. These results can stand back to back with
| rivals Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) and Big Blue IBM (NYSE: IBM).


Red Hat Profit Rises on Sales to Budget-Minded Buyers



No Recession at Red Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| It is flattering to be mentioned, Mr. Whitehurst said, but he noted that
| corporate customers and the industry benefit from what he called Red
| Hat’s “Switzerland status” — not being a province of one of the major powers
| in the technology industry.



Microsoft sees slide in profits

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