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Re: [News] GPL Stands Strong, GNU Depression-Proof Too

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> The GPL is not a burden.
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | But what if projects under the GPL could be developed out in the open. I
> | mean, if the linux kernel were hosted somewhere where anyone could see
> | the kernel before it's even released, the source code would lead the
> | binary code. If there was a website to host and house projects that are
> | open source, it would be even simpler. It's a shame we don't have such
> | tools and websites available. ;)
> | 
> | The open source methodology is to release early and release often. In
> | Fedora-land, we have a number of tools, including Fedora Hosted, that
> | are not only open for any takers, but can also be deployed free of
> | charge, because they themselves are open source projects. Any company
> | that wants to stay in compliance needs to understand that in some ways,
> | open source software is easier than closed source.
> `----
> http://loupgaroublond.blogspot.com/2008/12/gpl-is-not-burden.html

There may be clues in all this on how to build stronger
economies. If open source is stronger when economies are going
down the pan, it suggests a new type of emergent economic development
methodology separate from imperfect economic methods of Capitalism and
Socialism that existsed before 2008. Call it GPLism, or whatever you will,
it should certainly be something of interest to political camps to learn
from and evolve.

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