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Re: [News] Free Software to Leverage More Profit Soon

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> Open source becomes paid software in 2009
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | One of the biggest misconceptions 

Its one of the biggest frauds committed by Windummy and Appil fraudsters
ranting on the internet.

The IT Crowd Universally Rejects Micoshaft and Embraces Linux

Talking to the IT crowd, its apparent now that they are
aware of micosahf FUD, munchkins, asstroturfers and what
they do in terms of lying, FUDing, asstroturfing and twisting
opinion when the alternative views are more relevant.

For example, free software means free as in freedom not price.
You can release your product both with a freedom license
and charge for support. One guy finally got it today and
he can see that he had been conned by micoshaft.

More specifically, he knows he has been conned AGAIN
by the micoshaft munchkins, FUDDIES and asstroturfers.

Needless to day, Linux is taking a front seat for most
new projects. IT crowd universally rejects micoshaft.
The word I hear is that they all want multi-CPU machines
and virtualisation. They also want virtualisation to
to speed up stuff that is just too slow under the windummy OSen.

2009 could be a hard year for fuddies, munchkins, asstroturfers.
micoshaft sponsored TCO studies, and gatner crappy reports.
They are fscktards and every IT admin knows about them.

> in software is that open source equals
> | free. The early commercial open-source vendors like MySQL and JBoss were
> | able to build decent businesses on top of a license/support-only
> | business model, but over time we've seen that approach become difficult
> | to grow beyond a certain threshold.
> `----
> http://news.cnet.com/8301-1001_3-10128801-92.html

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