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[News] New Free Version of Linux Released as Xmas Gift

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Happy v2.6.28

,----[ Quote ]
| It doesn't really matter what day it is, or what holiday (if any) you're 
| celebrating, because even if you sit at home, alone in your dank basement, 
| without any holidays or friends, I bring you a tiding of great cheer: you 
| can now download Linux-2.6.28, and compile it to your hearts content!
| Listen to the cheerful grinding of your harddisk as you reboot into an 
| all-new kernel - and I'm sure that if your computer could smile, it would 
| have a big silly grin on its non-existent face. So as you sit there in 
| your basement, give your computer the holiday cheer too.


Gifts for All in Linux 2.6.28

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux creator Linus Torvalds is expected to soon release the final Linux 
| kernel of 2008, loaded full of stocking stuffers for users of the open source 
| operating system. Among the key new items in the release is a new, stable 
| filesystem as well as improved graphics performance.   
| The Linux 2.6.28 kernel will be the fifth Linux kernel release of 2008 and 
| follows the 2.6.27 release that came in October.  


Only Linux users get this present. Cartoon:

The Bizarre Cathedral - 35



Torvalds: Real quality means taking it personally

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Foundation (LF) has posted a ten-minute video interview with kernel
| coordinator Linus Torvalds. Held during the Linux Foundation's recent Linux
| Kernel Summit, the interview reveals the Linux founder speaking out on issues
| ranging from kernel/userland interactions to why Linux has so many
| interfaces.

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