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Re: Roy Schestowitz proves why he's the biggest scumbag on earth (was: Sad Christmas in Seattle/Redmond)

On 2008-12-25, High Plains Thumper <highplainsthumper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:
> Hadron wrote:
>> Sinister Midget writes:
>>> In addition to all Windummie trolls being liars, they all lack any
>>> conscience or scruples. It's part of the screening process.  They're
>>> shown films of His Billness talking about "knifing the baby" and Fester
>>> Blammer throwing chairs around and screaming about how he's going to
>>> "fucking kill Google". If a Windrone so much as shifts in his chair, no
>>> job, no trolling bonus and no papier mache stock options.
>>> How else to explain EZKill, DuFuS and Quirk?
>> Explain what about me? I do not shill Windows and I challenge you to
>> prove I do.

Poor Quack. He wants so to call me a liar and upset me. But it won't
work because I simply don't care what a lying piece of shit like that
thinks of me.

Nonetheless, it's good to see how easily his bullshit gibber can be
countered, which has the light shown upon it very effectively below. 
Not that it will matter one iota. See my explanation above as to why
that would be the case.

Hope you decorated your tree with the stock options MS has given you
for Christmas, Quook. They aren't much use for anything other than to
ugly-up a Christmas tree, or to give to relatives as presents to show
them how much you don't like them.

> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.advocacy/msg/2b842599bbefc883
> [quote] The more they dig, the less there is linking netbook takeup to it
> being Linux. I wonder why they bother?
> Netbooks WITH Linux are excellent. And I intend to replace my thinkpad
> with one WHEN I find one built to the same rigorous standards. But people
> *generally* don't want them. They want XP. Linux simply missed the boat.
> And *until* there is the same suite of SW for syncing Mobile phone and PDA
> to them , well, Linux can forget it. [/quote]
>> I do, however, advocate GOOD OSS

I bet he could look his mother in the eye and tell that one.

> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.misc/msg/977239e3b0d56f6c
> [quote] I was referring to the MS Windows programming methodologies
> comment. The "less disciplined" bit is crap too. Most projects are so damn
> disciplined these days they have certificates coming out of their cracks
> but very little SW. OSS is a different kettle of fish - almost zero
> discipline and "yet another copycat program" every other day. [/quote]
>> and the Debian Operating System.

His father (if he knows who that is) would probably not be able to
detect the cynism there.

> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.advocacy/msg/3364e9f972538fd9
> [quote] Once more for the hard of brain power : I use testing. Not
> unstable. And I use it for a reason - Debian Stable is simply too buggy
> and backward and I cant be arsed to manage pinning or selectively
> monitoring backports. [/quote]
>> My raison d'etre here is simply to counter the lies and bullshit you and
>> your ilk spew on a daily basis.

We know flatfishsimoncookeerikfunkenbuschwjbelllarryhastings, we know.

> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.advocacy/msg/9a828ec7850814a6
> [quote]
> Hadron wrote:
>> SomeBloke <st...@xxxxxxxxx> writes: [...]
>> All very wordy, but ultimately you say nothing. As I pointed out in
>> another reply your own self regard is sadly let down by the emptiness of
>> your statements. The article *is* relevant you retard because it
>> answered your rather ridiculous question about the body. Seriously,
>> you're not HPT under another nym are you? Do ask if you need anything
>> else answering or explaining.
> It's not the first time you have stupidly mistaken me for High Plains
> Thumper. Is it because you are of limited intelligence or are YOU a
> 'retard'?
> [/quote]

Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress.
But I repeat myself.
-- Mark Twain

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