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[News] [Rival] Cybercrime Piggybacking on Microsoft.com

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Scareware mongers hitch free ride on Microsoft.com and others

,----[ Quote ]
| Miscreants are exploiting weaknesses in more than one million webpages 
| operated by the federal government, media companies, and even Microsoft to 
| trick unwitting visitors into installing harmful software that takes over 
| their computers.   


Fake Antivirus Peddlers Helped by Microsoft, IRS

,----[ Quote ]
| Just weeks after the U.S. Federal Trade Commission shut down two companies 
| accused of selling fake antivirus software, a new player has moved into the 
| market, aided by glitches in the Microsoft and U.S. Internal Revenue Service 
| Web sites.   



Most recent Windows infections result from the same simple trick

,----[ Quote ]
| BitDefender's Top 10 E-Threats Report identifies just one type of attack as
| being responsible for more than a third of Windows infections in the past
| month: fake anti-virus scans, also known as scareware.


Dodgy affiliates use malware to flog Symantec and Check Point

,----[ Quote ]
| Unscrupulous affiliates are using malware to advertise security software from
| legitimate firms. The practice is the brainchild of people who make a
| commission for every sale they generate - and not security vendors
| themselves. The practice raises serious concerns about the integrity and
| policing of affiliate programs from big names in security including Symantec
| and Check Point.    


- From vapourware to scareware, Microsoft keeps innovating

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft talks a lot about innovation. It innovated the Xbox, several
| years after everyone else; it innovated the Zune, several years after
| everyone else; it innovated the GUI, several years after Apple (okay,
| and Xerox); it innovated Hotmail ... oh, alright, it bought Hotmail.
| Bill Gates famously missed the internet revolution and then innovated
| the web browser, several years after Netscape.
| [...]
| In the meantime, though, the company that brought us vapourware has
| innovated yet another new product: scareware (oh, okay, a couple ofy
| ears after SCO).

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