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[News] Patent Troll Gets Its Way; Europe Fights to Keep Out USPTO Madness

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Mangosoft settles with Skype, eBay

,----[ Quote ]
| Mangosoft Inc. has settled a patent lawsuit for $2.3 million with Skype 
| Software and eBay. 
| The settlement, while sizable for a one man company down to its last $500,000 
| in assets, is a small percentage of its accumulated deficit – the $90 million 
| stockholders have invested in the Nashua company.  
| [...]
| It has invested most of its resources on litigation with software giants.
| The company originally filed suit in Concord against Oracle in 2002 for 
| patent infringement, but it was thrown out by the U.S. District Court in 
| March 2007. That decision was upheld in the Court of Appeals on May 14.  


2008-2009 Petition to stop software patents in Europe


“Staff at the European Patent Office went on strike accusing the organization
of corruption: specifically, stretching the standards for patents in order to
make more money.”

“One of the ways that the EPO has done this is by issuing software patents in
defiance of the treaty that set it up.”

                                                --Richard Stallman


Report calls for restructuring patent office

,----[ Quote ]
| The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office needs to be overhauled if it is to come
| to grips with rising backlogs and a perception of declining patent quality,
| according to a report the U.S. Chamber of Commerce sent to President-elect
| Barack Obama. The report available online calls for sweeping changes in the
| leadership and structure of the patent office


The Economic Impact of Software Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| The UK's Patent Office – which now goes by the awful name of UK Intellectual
| Property Office, which means it's really the UK Intellectual Monopolies
| Office – is a curious beast. On the one hand, as its name suggests, it's tied
| into one of the biggest confidence tricks around, dressing up conceptual
| mutton as intellectual lamb. On the other, there are odd outbreaks of sanity
| that suggest someone in there understands some of the deeper issues
| concerning software patents.
| [...]
| It's not coincidence that Microsoft still maintains that GNU/Linux infringes
| on some 200 of its sacred software patents – and yet is strangely coy about
| naming them, since it doesn't want its bluff called.

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