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[News] Apache Keeps Widening the Gap Over Non-Free Servers

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December 2008 Web Server Survey

,----[ Quote ]
| Apache shows the largest growth this month, gaining a further 2.47 million 
| sites. 



October 2008 Web Server Survey

,----[ Quote ]
| Apache once again shows the largest growth, gaining 463 thousand sites this
| month.


September 2008 Web Server Survey

,----[ Quote ]
| In the September 2008 survey we received responses from 181,277,835 sites. Of
| the 4.5 million sites that have been gained this month, more than
| three-quarters are using Apache.


Ballmer Still Searching for an Answer to Google

,----[ Quote ]
| "Forty percent of servers run Windows, 60 percent run Linux," he said. "How
| are we doing? Forty is less than 60, so I don't like it. ... We have some
| work to do."


What Comes After “Embrace, Extend”?

,----[ Quote ]
| This is how it will go. Purely in order to “improve” the performance of
| Apache and Hadoop on the Windows platform, Microsoft will helpfully offer
| some really cool hacks....which will of course only work on the Windows
| platform.
| This will effectively fork the Apache/Hadoop/whatever code – all for the good
| of their communities. Of course, there may be some “patented” technologies in
| there, but Microsoft will promise never, ever to sue anyone using
| this “optimised” open source – cross its heart and hope to die. Look for
| Microsoft to get involved with other leading open source projects in the same
| way.


Microsoft and Apache

,----[ Quote ]
| It all sounds good. But Apache is no threat to Microsoft, their projects run
| on Microsoft systems and their license doesn't prevent "embrace and enhance".
| Linux, GNU, OpenOffice, those are more of a threat. This is, obviously, a
| strategic move by Microsoft. I'm trying to convince myself that we
| didn't "get owned".


Bruce Perens: Microsoft and Apache - What's the Angle?

,----[ Quote ]
| But Microsoft can still influence how things go from here on. If they have to
| live with open source, the Apache project is Microsoft's preferred direction.
| Apache doesn't use the dreaded GPL and its enforced sharing of source-code.
| Instead, the Apache license is practically a no-strings gift, with a weak
| provision against patent lawsuits as its most relevant term. Microsoft can
| take Apache software and embrace and enhance, providing their own versions of
| the project's software with engineered incompatibility and no available
| source, just as they forced incompatibility into the Web by installing IE
| with every Windows upgrade.
| IE is derived from Mosaic, the original Web browser, open source with a
| license similar to Apache's. So, this isn't a new strategy. The plan, then,
| could be to have Microsoft servers vie for dominance with their own –
| Microsoft specialized – versions of Apache applications. Or it could be that
| Microsoft sees itself replacing Linux in the market as a hosting platform for
| open source....
| So, this $100,000 contribution and the partial patent grant aren't about
| interoperability. It's for publicity, and to convince government regulators,
| not the most technical people in the world, that Microsoft has joined open
| source and is now a well-behaved company, no anti-trust issues at all. The
| bad part for open source is that Microsoft is increasingly in a position to
| speak to European legislators as an insider in the open source community
| while requesting increases in software patenting that would block open
| source.

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