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[News] FSF Gets Bootable Membership Cards (USB)

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The bootable membership cards are (finally) here!  The bootable membership
cards are (finally) here!

,----[ Quote ]
| Take a look! The new ultra slim credit card-sized FSF membership USB cards 
| have arrived. Of course member number 0 had to be for our founder and 
| president Richard Stallman...  


A Weekend with Eben Moglan

,----[ Quote ]
| There may not be many people who know Eben Moglen. Professor Eben Moglen is 
| the professor of law and legal history at Columbia University and is the 
| founder, Director-Counsel and Chairman of Software Freedom Law Center.He is a 
| programmer turned lawyer.   



SFLC Receives Grant for Work in India

,----[ Quote ]
| SFLC is pleased to announce that it has received a grant from Soros
| Foundation's Open Society Institute. SFLC is delighted to work with OSI to
| provide legal support to Indian institutions seeking, through free exchange
| of knowledge, to better the lives of people throughout India. Pursuant to the
| grant, SFLC's Executive Director, Eben Moglen, and the founding Director of a
| new SFLC India, Mishi Choudhary, will visit in India this month for a series
| of activities in support of the Free Software community.


Weapons Of Mass Collaboration

,----[ Quote ]
| The dominance of Windows was questioned by 40,000 volunteer developers, with
| Linux, open source becoming a new way to innovate. The otherwise strangers
| became partners with sheer joy of sharing. The “Linux philosophy” is being
| applied in large enterprises as well, which now feel even larger by including
| supply chains in their innovation. In P&G’s “connect & develop” program, new
| concepts are discussed with experts located across the globe, but are at
| arm’s length in a virtual world.

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