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[News] Company Makes Money from Free Software Lavour, OpenVAS Fork Discussed

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Talking with Pactolus' Ken Osowski

,----[ Quote ]
| KO: Absolutely, companies like ours can profit from open services — through 
| service, support, integration, and session licensing. In our case, we have 
| open-sourced the applications and frameworks, and we generate revenue for the 
| underlying platform software. This lets us simplify and cost-reduce service 
| creation for service providers and for independent developer/integrators, and 
| license the run-time sessions so that we derive revenues when the service 
| provider does, as usage grows.      
| Other open source models take a hardware approach by locking the developer 
| and service provider into buying proprietary appliances, another approach to 
| deriving revenue. With Pactolus, there’s a well-defined line between the SDP 
| and the applications themselves, thus providing a clear line of demark 
| between the two code bases. An SCE generates the applications that run on the 
| platform.     


OpenVAS Charts Its Own Forked Course

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the notable features of open source software is forking. If an open 
| source project takes a direction that users or developers don't like, well, 
| they can fork off in a new direction.  



CentOS 5.2: Send in the Clones

,----[ Quote ]
| If I were in the mood to use an RPM-based distribution, CentOS would be my
| first and probably only choice. It's not as pretty as openSuSE or even its
| cousin Fedora, but it's more stable than both on my setup. Stability wins out
| over eye-candy any day.
| CentOS is one of the few distributions that (perhaps due to its emphasis on
| small, incremental changes) manages to pull consistently high marks even from
| me. This release is no exception.


CentOS 5.2 released

,----[ Quote ]
| After the usual few weeks delay following the release of Red Hat Enterprise
| 5.2, the CentOS project has released its Red Hat clone – CentOS version 5.2.  

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