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[News] Online Journalism Scandinavia Chooses Free Software

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Online Journalism Scandinavia: Mecom’s Danish arm will cut costs with
open-source CMS

,----[ Quote ]
| Mecom-owned Berlingske Media, Denmark’s biggest daily newspaper publisher, 
| has decided to ditch its costly online publishing system for open-source
| software Drupal.  
| As Journalism.co.uk reported earlier this year, Berlingske Media already runs 
| some of its sites on Drupal - a free content management system (CMS). 


"We should whack them (Dell over Linux dealings), we should make sure they
understand our value."

        --Paul Flessner, MS Senior Vice President, Server Applications Unit


Community Journalism and Open Source Software Share a Social Bond

,----[ Quote ]
| RM: Do you see a link between your choice of open source software and
| involving community in your publication?
| PP: Drupal is built by some of the best minds in the community building
| movement. It's well known the organizations like moveon.org and the Howard
| Dean campaign at one time figured out how to use technology to connect
| people. They were early adopters. It is not a political thing — there is no
| red or blue Drupal. So answering your question goes to a deeper relationship
| of what open source software and community.

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