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[News] Free/Open Source Software Put on 'the Cloud', Microsoft Ditched

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JumpBox: Open Source Meets SaaS Again

,----[ Quote ]
| Even as some VARs begin to embrace open source applications, they must deal 
| with a new force: The shift of open source applications into the cloud and 
| SaaS (software as a service) models. A case in point: JumpBox has pushed a 
| dozen open source applications into the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) 
| service. Here are the implications for VARs.    


Cash-strapped companies head for the clouds

,----[ Quote ]
| Todd Pierce recently put his job on the line.
| To meet the computing needs of 16,300 employees and contractors at Genentech, 
| Pierce took a chance and decided not to rely entirely on business software 
| from Microsoft, IBM or another long-established supplier that would have let 
| Genentech own the technology. Instead, Pierce decided to rent these 
| indispensable products from Google.    



Washington DC latest to drop Microsoft for web apps

,----[ Quote ]
| Washington D.C. has joined 500,000+ businesses and organizations in moving
| its communication and productivity tools into the cloud. Vivek Kundra, CTO
| for the District, signed an agreement with Google to migrate the
| organization's 38,000 employees to Google Apps, the search giant's web-based
| offering of communication and productivity tools. Washington D.C. is a
| not-insignificant win for Google, and yet another blow to Microsoft's
| incumbent Office suite, as a surge of web apps steadily replaces their
| desktop counterparts.

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