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[News] Introduction to Free Software in Manila Press, FLOSS Manuals Announced

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Open source: getting started

,----[ Quote ]
| OPEN source software can reduce costs and improve security dramatically, yet 
| many people are a bit apprehensive about getting their feet wet. Typical of 
| this concern, reader John Cohon wrote in with a number of questions about 
| shifting to open source. To the extent that my answers to him might help 
| other companies or individuals make the shift, I’m running them here.    
| Question: If one were to do the big shift from Microsoft Windows software to, 
| say, Linux, what should one do about all the files he has accumulated 
| throughout the years, all written in Microsoft Windows software? Can these 
| files be read by Linux? Will there be any loss of data, or perhaps corruption 
| of the files?     


FLOSS Manuals sprints to build quality free documentation

,----[ Quote ]
| Hyde says a broad range of people contribute to FLOSS Manuals -- artists, 
| professional technical writers, developers, people in the One Laptop Per 
| Child community, and folks with a casual interest in technology. He says that 
| FLOSS Manuals is a great way for people who aren't developers to contribute 
| to free and open source software.    



Open source licence violations manual published

,----[ Quote ]
| Dutch software engineer Armijn Hemel has just published a manual on how to
| detect violations of open source software.
| The GPL Compliance Engineering Guide details how to take apart bootloaders
| and firmwares, using tools such as Hexdump, Strings and Grep.
| It even includes soldering instructions to attach a serial cable to a router,
| as sometimes that is the only way to get access to the system's software.
| Hemel works at Loohuis, an IT consultancy in the city of Utrecht and is
| active in the GPL Violations project.

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