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[News] Linux 2.6.28 Imminent, IBM Leaves Solaris Out

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The innovations of Linux 2.6.28

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ext4 file system leaves its main development phase and will soon be ripe 
| for productive use. Major renovation work on the code for memory and disk 
| management promises GPU speed increases and better scalability. Hundreds of 
| new and revised drivers improve hardware compatibility significantly.   


IBM reneges on Solaris GPFS promise

,----[ Quote ]
| Even before IBM became an OEM to Solaris, the company conceded that it needed 
| to support the operating system with some key software, including its General 
| Parallel File System. GPFS matters because IBM killed off its TotalStorage 
| SAN File System back in January 2007. As the name suggests TotalStorage is a 
| file system for SANs that supports many different operating systems, 
| including IBM's AIX, various Linuxes, Solaris, and Windows.     



Kernel log: What's coming in 2.6.28 - Part 8: Video4Linux/DVB, (Wireless) USB,
hardware monitoring, and input devices

,----[ Quote ]
| More than 500 of the commits in the main development branch for 2.6.28 alter
| the code in the Video 4 Linux/DVB subsystem, offering several new drivers and
| numerous improvements (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) – for example a gspca driver for the
| ALi M5602 chip and a major update for the t613 gspca driver. During
| configuration, it is now possible to select which of the gspca subdrivers
| will be compiled later. The kernel hackers replaced the driver for the
| Terratec Cinergy T2 . Also new is the support for the cx24112.6.286, si21xx,
| and stv0288 DVB-S2 chips; the cx88 and dw2102 drivers were improved to 
| include DVB-S2 support. 

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