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[News] GNU/Linux Ahead of Everyone at 64-bit

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64-Bit Computing Has Finally Arrived

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux has been 64-bit for eight years, and Apple's operating system for five. 
| But compatibility problems have dogged the 64-bit versions of Windows since 
| its introduction in Windows XP.  



Sun Provides 64-bit Java Plug-In For Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| After years of complaints by its users, last month Adobe released 64-bit
| Flash for Linux. Now this month Sun Microsystems has come to the table with a
| Java plug-in that is compatible with 64-bit web browsers.


64-Bit Linux Adobe Flash Player: Surprisingly good

,----[ Quote ]
| What's just as surprising is that this new alpha release of Adobe Flash
| Player 10 64-bit for Linux is both fast and stable. You just don't expect
| that from alpha software. Usually, alpha programs run just long enough for
| you to say "Yeah, I see what they're getting at," which is then followed by,
| on Windows, a system crash or on Linux or Mac OS X, an application crash.



Why There is Better Driver Support in 64-bit Linux Than 64-bit Windows XP

,----[ Quote ]
| In the free world of Linux I have a working, usable, fast
| and stable 64-bit operating system. In the secret world of
| Microsoft I will have to return to using the 32-bit version.
| But the question is will I? I think I will stick with Linux.
| It looks like I need to go back on my hands and knees and beg
| forgiveness from my SUSE 10.1 system for every doubting it
| and for my unfaithful fling with Microsoft.


Sigrity Supports 64-bit Linux Computing Platforms

,----[ Quote ]
| Sigrity, Inc., the market leader in signal and power integrity
| software solutions, today announced its full support for 64-bit
| Linux computing platforms by porting all of its signal and power
| integrity software products to systems running the 64-bit Linux
| operating system.


iPhone not supported under 64-bit Windows XP or Vista -- oops

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple's official (read: the non-marketing document which no one reads)
| iPhone: Minimum system requirements document does say that "64-bit editions
| of Windows are not supported." Go ahead, try to find it in the small print,
| we'll wait...


iPhone’s 64-bit Windows Incompatibility Investigated

,----[ Quote ]
| Is 64-bit Computing Limiting for the Casual User? For the average home user,
| there is absolutely no need to even consider going this route at this point.
| When you consider the fact that we remain in a holding pattern with adoption
| and developers don't appear to be overly anxious to help out those adopters
| who are using this platform, one has to wonder why anyone is bothering with
| 64-bit options as this point.


Dell doesn't ship 64-bit versions of Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| If you want to install Windows Vista Ultimate with 64 bit version,
| you can purchase teh version from Dell, as Dell ship only Vista
| ultimate in 64 bit version. It all happens due to business
| contract with microsoft.


Vista users get the 64-bit blues

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is keen to stir up enthusiasm for Windows Vista, but
| when it comes to the 64-bit edition of the recently released
| operating system, the software giant is sending decidedly
| mixed messages.


Microsoft Windows Vista: MISLEADING!

,----[ Quote ]
| Do you have a 64-bit processor? Did you think you were going to get a
| 64-bit OS when you purchased your copy of Windows Vista?


Next Release of OneCare Won't Support Vista x64

,----[ Quote ]
| When Microsoft announced that it was ready to roll out Windows Live
| OneCare version 1.5 to coincide with the general release of Windows
| Vista, it omitted one important fact: the product will not support
| Vista x64 or XP x64.


Microsoft Vista 64 bit is no go in 2007

,----[ Quote ]
| Without an exception, they all think it's too early and the drivers
| won't be that polished for 64 bit either. AMD and Intel have CPUs which
| can support 64 operating systems but the drivers are still lame,
| unpolished and slow compared with 32 bit.


Vista 64 VS Vista 32

,----[ Quote ]
| Vista 64 has a slight advantage over the 32 Bit version speed
| wise, unfortunately due to the stringent drivers requirements
| for the 64 Bit versions, at this point
| my recommendations are to stick with the 32 Bit version of
| Vista until most of  hardware manufacturers and software
| manufactures (including Microsoft) decide to actually take
| advantage of the 64 Bit architecture!
| Even better: get serious and do some progress in this
| industry, I am sick and tired to just see marketing
| numbers and not actually progress here.


Windows XP 64 is crap and things break and printers dont work and
quickbooks doesnt work the list goes on

,----[ Quote ]
| Morale (sic) of the story is - if you are using Microsoft products, stay
| away from the cutting edge - it sucks pretty bad.


Support for Microsoft Windows XP x64 Not Worth Anything

,----[ Quote ]
| Almost no one is supporting Microsoft Windows XP x64, the 64-bit
| version of Windows XP.
| There are no Antivirus programs that work with x64 and most
| applications won't work with x64 (unless they run the crippled
| 32-bit equivalent).
| Programs won't install printer drivers because, apparently, no one
| can figure out how to write a 64-bit printer driver.
| If Windows XP x64 has this much trouble with basic elements such
| as printer drivers, how can anyone expect the much maligned Windows
| Vista to be of any value?
| Frankly, my high opinion of Microsoft is quickly fading away, and
| my shop used to be a staunch Microsoft shop.
| Open Source alternatives are looking better and better every
| day.

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