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Re: Acer Aspire One Linux 'advanced user' option

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Tuesday 23 December 2008 15:38 : \____

> After takin' a swig o' grog, Terry Porter belched out
>   this bit o' wisdom:
>> There has been a lot of troll FUD on COLA recently claiming that Linux
>> SSD netbooks are 'locked down' or in some way inferior to the windows
>> 'small notebooks'.
>> Desperate as ever, these trolls are trying every trick in the book to
>> foster a perception that just isn't accurate. What else is new ?
>> I'd like to point out that the Linux powered SSD Acer Aspire one 'simple'
>> GUI is easily changed to an 'advanced menu'.
>> <clear instructions snipped>
>> http://www.aspireoneuser.com/2008/07/09/aspire-one-advance-linpus-mode-
>> hack/
>> So whats the fuss about trolls ?
>> As the Acer Aspire One, *Linux* ONLY, version comes with a ton of free
>> and valuable software such as Open Office preloaded, and thousands of
>> other Linux apps are available via the package manager, for easy one
>> click install, I believe I have shown why the Linux netbooks are FAR
>> superior to the Windows small notebooks (with hard drives), and why the
>> Linux variants are selling like hotcakes.
> An almost perfect advocacy post.
> Thanks, Terry.

Be careful. Honour among advocates is interpreted by the Munchkins as being a
pet or a homosexual.

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                ~~ Best of wishes

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