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[News] Interview with Famous Free Software Supporter and with FSFE Fellow

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Interview: Vernor Vinge

,----[ Quote ]
| Science fiction writer Vernor Vinge is best-known for novels like A Fire Upon 
| the Deep and Rainbows End, as well as the concept of The Singularity -- the 
| idea that, in the next couple of decades, humans will become or create a 
| super-human intelligence. What is less well-known is that Vinge has been a 
| free software supporter since the earliest days of the Free Software 
| Foundation (FSF). He has served several times on the jury for the FSF Awards 
| and spoke at an FSF-sponsored event held last month in San Diego to coincide 
| with the LISA conference. As someone who deals regularly with large scale 
| speculations, Vinge places free software in a larger historical context. He 
| even speculates that free software may be one of the factors that will 
| shortly bring about the Singularity.          


Fellowship interview with Johannes (Hanno) Böck

,----[ Quote ]
| Johannes (Hanno) Böck is a Fellowship member who concerns himself with a wide 
| range of issues, from privacy and media activism to GNU/Linux and the 
| environment. With a bit of preparation help from Ciarán O'Riordan I sat down 
| for an interview session with Hanno, asking him about his work and how it all 
| relates to Free Software.    


FSFE list for French-speakers

,----[ Quote ]
| We've set up a francophone FSFE list...



FTF and gpl-violations release a guide to reporting and fixing licence

,----[ Quote ]
| FSFE's Freedom Task Force (FTF) and GPL-Violations.org today released a guide
| to reporting and fixing licence compliance issues. This guide will help users
| and developers to deal with license violation reports. It explains how to
| make a report, what information is useful to include, and offers suggestions
| for how projects or businesses can deal with reports once they are received.


FSFE adds Fellowship representation to General Assembly

,----[ Quote ]
| The required constitutional change to allow for this was prepared after the
| 2007 General Assembly and adopted unanimously by the eight members of the GA
| represented at FSFE's 2008 annual meeting from June 6th to 8th in the FSFE
| Zurich office.


Free Software related books for friends

,----[ Quote ]
| I started thinking about good Free Software related presents lately. Until
| now the best things which came into my mind are books. So I thought it might
| be good to have a list of Free Software related books which are nice to read
| also for people who haven't heard or read about Free Software before.


FSFE's antitrust victory with Samba

,----[ Quote ]
| FSFE's role in the antitrust case was to ensure that free software developers
| would be able to use any interoperability information that Microsoft would be
| forced to publish. After 5 years of work, the last court case was won last
| year. There were always doubts about whether Microsoft could really be pinned
| down, but from Samba developer Andrew Bartlet's blog, it seems the Samba team
| are now loving the interoperability information.

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