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[News] A Look at PHP v5.3 (P in LAMP)

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What's New in PHP v5.3

,----[ Quote ]
| PHP is looked down upon in many circles. It's the ugly duckling, but with all 
| the popularity. Javascript's terrible lack of rigour and overal hackish 
| nature is not looked down upon, instead it's adored as the language of web 
| 2.0. The roll out of PHP 5.3 will finally give PHP a swing away from "doing 
| things right" as far as Ruby and Java are concerned, and toward the more 
| quirky, rapid, web 2.0 style of Javascript development.     



Q&A: Mark de Visser, CEO of Sonatype

,----[ Quote ]
| De Visser, for his part, is well-known in open-source business circles as
| former chief marketing officer at PHP tools maker Zend Technologies and
| former VP of Marketing at both Red Hat and Agitar. I noted a few months back
| when De Visser first moved to Sonatype, and I've been wanting to get an
| update on what's happening in open-source business and why he picked
| Sonatype.


PHP Zend Framework 1.7 adds Adobe support

,----[ Quote ]
| The Zend Framework 1.7 also includes some other neat features that PHP
| developers will likely benefit from. Among them is the  ZendX_JQuery module
| which provides integration with the JQuery JavaScript toolkit. There is also
| support in the Zend_Search_Lucene module for indexing Office Open XML
| documents which could be a very useful thing too.


Why You Cannot Forge an Open Source Forge

,----[ Quote ]
| Although proprietary software may try to create the same kind of community
| using add-ons, extensions and the like, it can never hope to match the power
| of truly open software in this regard. Indeed, that's one of the great things
| about free software: the more that an associated company gives in terms of
| licensing its code freely, the more it is likely to receive from the
| community that forms around that code.


Will IBM Buy Zend / PHP ?

,----[ Quote ]
| In my view, there can only be one company and that company is IBM. Let me
| explain by first eliminating the other potential suitors.


Zend stacks PHP for work and play

,----[ Quote ]
| Other goals for the Zend Framework include improved AJAX integration -
| version 1.5 features server-side support with action helpers to automate AJAX
| detection and responses - and the bundling of Zend Framework with operating
| system distributions. Version 1.5 is being made available with Ubuntu.  

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