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[News] Free Software Suitability to the Enterprise is Proven

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Is Firefox Fit for Enterprise Duty?

,----[ Quote ]
| Browser security seems to be a big issue this week. First we had the IE patch 
| drama, then comes a dust-up over whether Firefox is fit for enterprise use. 
| The Mozilla browser topped enterprise app whitelister Bit9's list of popular 
| apps with security vulnerabilities. Why? One major reason was because Firefox 
| typically relies on the end-user to allow updates and new patches.    


The Search for an Open Source Killer App for Web 2.0

,----[ Quote ]
| The rise of Web 2.0, Software as a Service and cloud platforms has been a 
| boon for open source software products and projects. Ongoing innovations are 
| expanding the role of OSS in enterprises as well as individual users.  



Firefox reached 29% share in Europe

,----[ Quote ]
| XiTi Monitor has released the latest numbers on browsers utilization in 
| Europe and the rest of the world, announcing it has reached about 29% in 
| March 2008.  


'We're Huge in Finland!' Firefox Hits New High as IE7 Lags

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla Firefox continued its slow but steady march against the worldwide 
| dominance of Microsoft Internet Explorer in 2007. Though the open-source web 
| browser continues to sit firmly in second place behind IE, where it's been 
| for years, usage of Firefox is still on the rise. The browser is even 
| threatening to tip the scales in some European countries -- most likely 
| thanks to the rapid internationalization efforts made possible by the 
| open-source development model.      

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