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[News] Coverage of GNU/SFLC in India

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Stallman visits computer centre for the poor

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ambedkar Community Computer Centre is situated in a slum area in the New 
| Guruppanapalya, off Bannerghatta road, Bengaluru. In this IT city of 
| multinationals, it is only one of the many slums in the interiors of 
| Bangalore that is not well known outside.   
| On the 13th December, the slum had a unique visitor who is well known in 
| every part of the world as the founder of the Free Software Foundation. 
| Richard M Stallman's visit turned the attention of IT professionals and media 
| persons to the otherwise not-so-well-known slum.   


[FSUG-Bangalore] report on Eben Moglen speech at Kannada bloggers

,----[ Quote ]
| Professor Eben Moglen, professor of law and legal history
| at Columbia University and is the founder, Director-Counsel and Chairman of
| Software Freedom Law Center, spoke on the topic free software in new media
| on last Saturday 13th December at the Institute of Agricultural
| technologists, Bangalore. There was an audience of around 80 people. Apart
| from Professor Eben Moglan, Jayakumar from Kannada bloggers and HP Nadig
| from sampada.net also spoke at the event.



Stallman visits slum computing center


Free Software : The current fashion in Kerala

,----[ Quote ]
| Kerala is abuzz with free software mantra after the present  Government of
| Kerala formally endorsed free software as one of its natural allies. Lot of
| common people are showing interest in free software and its bi-products such
| as copy left books , wikipedia etc. As a long time user of free software, I
| am pretty amused at the current hype.


RMS visit to Bangalore

,----[ Quote ]
| Friday I left my office as soon as my friend Renukaprasad told me to pick RMS
| from an auditorium near Reserve Bank of India, where he was listening to a
| live concert. I took an auto and went to meet Renukaprasad who was there with
| him. I joined RMS and Dora for the concert. He was loving the Indian
| classical dance and music. After the concert we moved to the house where he
| was staying. I brought him dinner. I never imagined in my life to have a
| dinner with RMS and Dora. I helped RMS to backup Dora's files from her laptop
| to an external harddisk. After the dinner I left my home with some sweet
| memories.


RMS Visit to Bangalore

,----[ Quote ]
| sujith shares his experiences during the Stallman's visit to Bangalore and
| captures the event with his Canon PowerShot A720 IS camera powered by free
| software (CHDK ) !

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