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[News] Why Ubuntu (and GNU/Linux) is a Success Story

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Ubuntu: The Little Distro That Could (and Did)

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu is not for everybody. Some of you will be sure to tell me why you 
| don’t use Ubuntu. I have no doubt of that. Please feel free. I am telling why 
| I use it. That makes it a personal statement. Experience of one user cannot 
| be transferred to another or to another computer even. Experience is as 
| unique as is each individual. Which in itself makes another statement about 
| Ubuntu. It is different things to different people.     


The Ubuntu Ethos

,----[ Quote ]
| I want us to regularly reconnect to that ethos. I want us to celebrate it, 
| enthuse each other and unite behind it. But this is something we need to do 
| together. We all need to regularly share why Ubuntu and Free Software is 
| important to us. We need to regularly inspire each other and help balance out 
| the day to day details with the wider opportunity before us. Winning is not 
| just about producing great software, it is also about building strength in 
| each other to really knock the ball out of the park.      



DE: Böblingen considering migration to Open Source desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| The city of Böblingen in the south of Germany next year will try out
| migrating to an Open Source desktop. It wants to have an alternative in place
| when its current proprietary licences run out around 2010.
| Three of the city's about a dozen departments will be moving to a desktop
| based on the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution, according to David Gümbel, an
| Open Source IT consultant helping the city administration with the migration.

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