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[News] Review of KDE4-based Ubuntu Derivative (PC/OS)

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Review: PC/OS OD 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| So, that's PC/OS 2009. if you're not sick to death of Ubuntu spin-offs it's 
| well worth a look, if only for its web-centric approach. 



PC/OS: Insert CD, use desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| PC/OS aims to be an easy-to-use Linux distribution right out of the box.
| Being Ubuntu-based, it has a head start on being user-friendly, but PC/OS
| goes above and beyond Ubuntu's measures to ensure ease of use by having
| common third-party non-GPL software included in the install.


PC/OS 2009 OpenWorkstation Review

,----[ Quote ]
| There are quite a few Linux distributions out there that are geared towards
| the novice Linux user, but everyone is created a bit differently, whether its
| the packages that they include by default or the distribution as its base
| Linux can be configured to suit anyone's needs.
| [...]
| If for some reason you want to say use a Windows software program in PC/OS,
| Wine is available. Wine is a program that lets you install a variety of
| Windows applications on your Linux machine without the need of having a
| Windows installation. As stated some programs work better than others so you
| would have to head on over to Wine's website for a list of supported
| applications. It is nice to see Wine included by default as installation
| might be cumbersome to a novice.

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