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Re: Replacing one Linux with another non-destructively?

poachedeggs wrote:

> On 20 Dec, 22:09, 7 <web_has_em...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> poachedeggs wrote:
>> > I'd put Linux Mint Light 2.2 on my XP machine, having found it
>> > conveniently on a magazine CD.  It works pretty well, though not as
>> > graphically smooth as I'd seen it on a Compaq I had that recently
>> > blew.  I was relieved the partitioning and whatnot went well and XP is
>> > intact.  However, today I have looked at four more versions of Linux -
>> > Xubuntu 8.10, Kubuntu 8.10, the current Linux Mint and version 4 of
>> > it.  I'm favouring Xubuntu and would like to put it where Mint 2.2
>> > currently is.  The machine is second hand and I don't have the XP disk
>> > so I'd like to know if I can cleanly get the job done non-
>> > destructively.
>> > Failing that, could I upgrade 2.2. to 4 successfully?
>> > I'm no boffin so if you can keep the jargon down....
>> > Many thanks in advance.
>> > p.s. I've been thinking of putting Ubuntu 8.10 or the current Mint on.
>> > the partition manager, i.e. how to adjust a partition.  It offers
>> > installation on about 50 gb and I'd like to switch it to about 20 or
>> > 30gb.  I'd hoped for a slider or something to adjust.
>> Absolutely you should be able to install by following the guided menu
>> options.
>> But you might like to practice by installing VirtualBox (google for it)
>> and practice installing inside the virtual PC. Then you will know what
>> to expect when you do it for real.
>> I have my Linux Mint on Virtual Box - and it is absolutely nice
>> for playing music and videos with some of the least amount of
>> hassle. And Yes - the Virtual Box runs on an emulation of a PC but it
>> still plays music and videos without interruption at near full speed of
>> the real PC which is just unbelievable. If you have dual core PC,
>> then it can appear to run 2 x speed. Even windummy OSen runs 2x speed.
>> Failing that - do it on a spare PC to learn.
> I want to avoid VirtualBox etc, really.  I've done a Wubi install of
> Ubuntu 8.10 before but I want the Linuxes I choose to be be permanent,
> 'regular' installs.  I suppose I should just look to see how the
> partitions look I start up the installation, regarding the Xubuntu.
> But as for the version I put on my Vista laptop, the puzzlement
> regarding adjusting the partition side is my stumbling block.  I'm
> using Xubuntu now from the Live CD and I'm really impressed, it's very
> tasteful, even if the menus look a bit Vista Home Basic.

If you want to preserve Vista, you MUST use the built-in Vista tool to
resize the Vista partition(s) to make space for any Linux installation.
Using anything else (Linux tools, or even Partition Magic) will more often
than not result in a totally broken Vista partition.

Richard Rasker

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