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[News] Palm to Come Out with Linux Real Soon Now

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Palm CEO: Linux smartphone to ship in H1 2009

,----[ Quote ]
| Palm plans to ship a consumer-oriented smartphone -- based on its upcoming 
| Nova OS -- in the first half of next year, while continuing to focus its 
| Windows Mobile-based Treo on the enterprise, Palm's CEO said today.  



Palm going Nova next month

,----[ Quote ]
| Nova - the new Linux-based OS developed by Palm and offering backwards
| compatibility with thousands of Palm apps - has been announced before, and
| we've even reported that it would be launched on devices during 2009. But now
| BusinessWeek is reporting that we'll see multiple devices running the new OS
| at CES, which runs January 8th to 11th.


Palm hoping to strike it rich with Nova


Palm Codenames Linux-Based Palm OS II Nova

,----[ Quote ]
| Now comes word from Palm Infocenter that the PDA pioneer not only has yet
| another, third, smartphone in the works, but that that device is being used
| to test its long-delayed Linux-based follow up to the Palm OS, which now has
| an internal codename of its own.



Run the Palm OS on your Nokia Internet Tablet

,----[ Quote ]
| The Garnet VM Beta for Nokia Nseries was created by ACCESS, who is the
| company that bought PalmSource. You can now run virtually all your favorite
| Palm OS applications on the Nokia Internet Tablets and I can’t wait to try
| out a few of my favorite apps.  


30,000 Palm apps coming to Nokia webpads


Palm Says Foleo 2 Still on Track

,----[ Quote ]
| Palm FoleoAccording to the Wireless Week industry trade journal, a new
| version of the cancelled Foleo Mobile Companion running on Palm's
| next-generation Linux OS is still very much in Palm’s future product plans...  


Palm shakes hands with Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Back to the Palm and Linux. Now that I have the Palm working in Debian and
| Ubuntu/Xubuntu, I'm pretty happy, and I'll probably be using my
| Debian-equipped 233 MHz Compaq laptop a bit less. There's something about
| hitting a button on the Palm and being able to write within a half-second
| that totally works for me.    

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