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[News] Microsoft Buddy Samsung Chooses Linux for Phones

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Samsung Android phones to hit US in spring

,----[ Quote ]
| Samsung will launch its first phones based on Google's Android platform this 
| coming spring within the US, according to statements reportedly made by the 
| Korean company. An official has told local press that Samsung 
| is "accelerating" development of phones based on Android and should have a 
| finished product released within the US during the second calendar quarter of 
| the year, which runs April through June. The goal is to "meet the specific 
| need of local carriers," the electronics maker adds.      


More Android news:

"cupcake" development branch

,----[ Quote ]
| From http://source.android.com/roadmap:
|       During Android's transition to an open-source project, some development has 
|       continued to happen in a private branch.  We are working to move the rest of 
|       these changes into the open as soon as possible, and all future open-source 
|       work will happen in the public git repositories.  All changes that have 
|       already been submitted to the public repositories will be merged into the 
|       newer code base, so nothing should be lost.     
| The Android team has begun pushing these changes to the public git 
| repositories, in the "cupcake" branch. 



"Fashion accessory" PMP camera runs Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| A style-conscious Samsung digital camera and personal media player (PMP) is
| built on a MontaVista Linux platform, it was revealed by a reader. Shipping
| since last year, the Samsung i70 features 7.2-megapixel resolution, 3x
| optical zoom, and Samsung's ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction) technology.



LG, Samsung bet on new mobile Linux platform

,----[ Quote ]
| The world's second largest cellphone maker Samsung, which has used Linux in 
| its phones in 2006, launched new SGH-i800 phone model running on LiMo 
| software at the Mobile World Congress trade show, while LG Electronics showed 
| a prototype phone LG LiMo.   

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