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[News] Mac Fan Tim Bray Chooses Linux Phone Instead of iPhone

Android Diary I

,----[ Quote ]
| Around noon today, I picked up my unlocked Android G1 dev phone, and as of 
| now it’s my main phone, plus I’m trying to write an app for it. I suspect 
| that my experiences are going to be shared by quite a few people in the 
| not-too-distant future, so why not record them?   



Apple Owes Me $99

,----[ Quote ]
| Second, I have to run the Time Machine backups by hand and I also have to
| connect by wire for big ones, because the default setup leaves my BlackBook
| in an endless “Preparing Backup” cycle. So I went and bought another WiFi
| router for $99, and now at least we can both be on the Net. I’d advise
| caution with the Time Capsule product until Apple’s done a couple more
| releases of the hardware and OS X too. Pfui.



Fanboy reviewer has problems with MacBook Air

,----[ Quote ]
| IF YOU ARE a Mac fanboy reviewer and you think that anything that comes from
| Apple must be great, what do you do when something clearly isn't?
| Paul Venezia from InfoWorld seemed to have hit this crisis of faith when he
| came to look at Apple's MacBook Air.


Apple's iPhone 3G troubles spawn a lawsuit

,----[ Quote ]
| It was only a matter of time.
| With all the griping going on by a subset of iPhone 3G users, it was
| inevitable that someone would seek redress through the law. The first someone
| was Jessica Alena Smith, a Birmingham resident who filed her complaint this
| week in U.S. District Court in Alabama.


Apple + ActiveSync is eating email on my iPhone: iCrap?

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm a huge Apple fan. Today, however, I couldn't be more disappointed. I keep
| seeing pretty, shiny things...and then finding out they're iCrap underneath.


My MacBook Air dies while Google Docs is offline

,----[ Quote ]
| I have to reboot every 30 minutes or so to get back to a workable condition
| and then wait for the CPU to max out again.


iTunes Store "Unavailable": This iPod Touch Owner is Stuck in Update Limbo

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm not alone. I've been able to find plenty of iPod Touch, first-gen iPhone,
| and new iPhone 3G owners just like me stuck in the same boat. For over 8
| hours I've been unable to update my iPod Touch because the Apple iTunes
| Store's servers are overwhelmed.


iPhone 3G Frenzy Causes Glitch

,----[ Quote ]
| Across the world they gathered and waited like little children hoping to see
| Santa at the local shopping mall, only to be disappointed and find what many
| had expected on opening day. It wasn't exactly a lump of coal, but, Apple's
| much coveted slick new 3G device was not only in short supply, but in many
| locations, there were problems with getting the phone to actually work.


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