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The Corruption of HTML (was Re: Anyone want to try an experiment?)

In comp.os.linux.advocacy, JEDIDIAH
on Fri, 19 Dec 2008 11:44:29 -0600
> On 2008-12-19, RickyBobby <nascar42@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> "Gary M. Stewart" <gmstewart1953@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
>> news:gig0m5$k7$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> Here is my proposal for the new year.
>>> Forget the past.
> Who needs the past?
> I find Windows annoying today.

And we'll probably find it equally annoying tomorrow. :-)
(If not even more so.)

$60+B/year is a *lot* of topple.  If we're really unlucky
Microsoft might buy out the X/Open group, W3C, and other
such, and make Win32 the only standard worth considering.

(ObYuck: Yuck.)

They've already corrupted the HTML standard, for example,
though not in a horrid way (at least in the actual
*spec*), but <APPLET> was officially deprecated in HTML 4
in favor of the <OBJECT> tag.

Three guesses who that generally benefits.

Three guesses who botched their own standard, as well,
though one wonders how much Sun fought for simplification,
or how much Sun *could* fight for simplification, with
1/60th of Microsoft's market cap and 1/5th of their raw
revenues (as of today; I don't have figures as to what it
was back then). [*]

Compare and contrast the original APPLET, which was simple,
if a little specific:

   <APPLET codebase="javacode/" code="mypkg.hello"
   archive="hello.jar hellosupport.jar helloutil.jar"
   width="300" height="100">
       <PARAM name="hellomessage" value="world">

versus what the spec suggests as its replacement:

   <OBJECT classid="java:mypkg.hello" width="300" height="100"
   align="baseline" codebase="javacode/" type="application/java-archive"
   archive="hello.jar hellosupport.jar helloutil.jar">
       <PARAM name="hellomessage" value="world">

versus what it actually mutated into (as of Java 1.5):

    <OBJECT classid="clsid:8AD9C840-044E-11D1-B3E9-00805F499D93" width="300"
    height="100" align="baseline"
        <PARAM name="codebase" value="javacode/"/>
        <PARAM name="code" value="mypkg/hello"/>
        <PARAM name="archive" value="hello.jar hellosupport.jar
        <PARAM name="hellomessage" value="world"/>

You tell me which is simplest. ;-)

That clsid: might as well be a magic number;
the codebase attribute value isn't much better
and references CAB, an archive format developed
for Windows.  Sun at least documented all this in
fortunately.  Intuitive?  Blecch.

And then there's <EMBED>, which never got included into the
HTML4 spec.  HTML5 apparently is seriously considering
including it (or resurrecting it, perhaps) in

The unofficial format today is apparently along the lines of:

    <EMBED type="application/x-java-applet;version=1.5"
        width="300" height="100"
        archive="hello.jar hellosupport.jar helloutil.jar"
        <PARAM name="hellomessage" value="world"/>

HTML5 will not support this usage, though it might support

    <EMBED src="???" type="application/x-java-applet;version=1.5"
        width="300" height="100">
        <PARAM name="codebase" value="javacode/"/>
        <PARAM name="code" value="mypkg/hello"/>
        <PARAM name="archive" value="hello.jar hellosupport.jar
        <PARAM name="hellomessage" value="world"/>

I hope src= doesn't include that java.sun.com URL, but
do wonder what would be needed in there.

HTML5 is also being corrupted, though not by Microsoft
(at least, not necessarily, anyway); Ogg/Vorbis and
Ogg/Theora references therein were removed at Apple's and
Nokia's behest, at least according to Wiki; I'd have to
research the issue more thoroughly for background here.


I won't go into details referring to OOXML, as I'm not
as familiar with it; others can hash thereon.

We may look at decades of fighting the good fight here.

> [deletia]

[*] I've deliberately overcomplicated the archive line for
    illustrative purposes.  These are not tested but they
    are based on notes I made long ago, when researching
    this issue.

#191, ewill3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Linux.  Because it's not the desktop that's
important, it's the ability to DO something
with it.
** Posted from http://www.teranews.com **

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