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[News] Correlation Noted Between Free Software and Charity

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What open source can teach charity

,----[ Quote ]
| The period from the aftermath of the Time-AOL deal in 2000 to the rise of 
| open source as a business model in 2005 was a hard one for many in the tech  
| community. 
| One of its aftereffects remains with us, a shortage of young people 
| interested in computer programming as a career. 
| But when many people got pink slips back at the dawn of this century, we 
| didn’t stop working. We kept at it. Many of our best open source projects 
| were the product of this time. The benefits are still with us.  
| Now that it’s time for open source to give back, let me start by offering the 
| charities some advice. 



Linux PC auction benefits charity

,----[ Quote ]
| Want to combine your love for robots and strange mini-ITX systems with your
| interest in furthering educational opportunities for U.S. schoolchildren?
| You, too, can bid on this strange, one-of-a-kind Linux system available only
| through a charity auction on eBay.



Negroponte says Intel should be "ashamed of itself"

,----[ Quote ]
| He is furious that Intel's CEO Craig Barrett called the One Laptop a
| gadget. The Negroponte initiative is caught in the middle of a vicious
| fight between AMD and Intel, he said.


Intel "paid vendors not to use AMD"

,----[ Quote ]
| AMD filed suit in Delaware against Intel in June of 2005, accusing its
| competitor of abusing its monopolistic position. The complaint charges that
| customers were forced not to use AMD processors. At that time the Japanese
| anti-trust body was investigating Intel and the EU Commission also had its
| eye on Intel's behaviour.

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