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[News] Assemblage of Resources for Free Software Seekers

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25 Free, Game Changing Open Source Resources

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| OStatic has recently been enjoying some very healthy traffic and growth, and 
| I'd like to thank all of the members, readers and writers who make our site 
| and this blog lively every day. It's a labor of love. One of our main 
| charters on the OStatic blog is to regularly provide roundups and individual 
| reviews of good open source software, tools and resources. We've done quite a 
| few of these since our last uber-roundup, so here is an updated collection of 
| 25 of our most popular roundups and educational resources for open 
| sourcerors. We hope these help you.       


6 Free, Open Source Resources for Web Workers

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| Over on the OStatic blog we’ve rounded up 25 resources for free, open source 
| applications, tutorials, and more.  Some of the citations are previous  
| roundups themselves, so there are quite a lot of free tools to be found 
| there. In these economic times, open source software applications are faring 
| well, and some tools may especially appeal to web workers.   



12 Resources for Free Open Source Tutorials and Tools

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| Since its inception, we've tried to make collections of tips, pointers to
| free tutorials, and advice on the best applications a regular part of the
| editorial content here at OStatic. These have included screenshot-driven
| guided tours to how to use top tier OSS applications, pointers to free
| tutorials on everything from AJAX to OpenOffice, and guidance on finding free
| open source webinars on topics such as MySQL and Ubuntu. We're in the process
| of putting up a dedicated repository for all of these, but in the meantime,
| here are 12 of our most popular educational roundup posts.

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