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[News] Linux Powers Space Exploration-like Canodidate

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Linux camera launched at Lunar X PRIZE

,----[ Quote ]
| And that's where Elphel comes into the picture. Acting as embedded web 
| servers, Elphel's network cameras are small computers in their own right, 
| more than capable of accomplishing the encoding and compression tasks to be 
| done by Team FREDNET's rover. In fact, the cameras -- which run commodity 
| Open Source server software such as Linux and PHP -- are so advanced that 
| Krieger is even considering using them for general computing jobs such as 
| controlling the rover's wireless network connection to the lander.       
| [...]
| Tobias Krieger hopes to have Elphel's camera set up for testing in a few 
| weeks. Integration with the rest of his rover will then commence around next 
| spring, and Krieger hopes to have a finished rover prototype by the end of 
| 2009. Meanwhile, the rest of his team is busy developing the many other 
| components needed for their lunar mission, including the lunar transit 
| vehicle that will carry the rover from the Earth to the lunar surface. No 
| dates for the completion or launch of the whole stack are available yet, but 
| the grand prize of the Google Lunar X PRIZE contest expires in 2012.        



Mot camera-phone runs widgets

,----[ Quote ]
| Motorola announced a Moto VE66 camera-phone that offers WiFi, GPS, a
| 5-megapixel camera, an MP3 player, and MontaVista Linux. The VE66 is the
| first Motorola phone to support the MotoDev Studio for WebUI "widget"
| platform, says Motorola, which also announced a "MotoDev Widget Developer
| Challenge."


IP camera designs run Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| TI is offering Linux camera application source code and free codecs with two
| new IP camera reference designs based on its RISC/DSP SoCs. The Wide Dynamic
| Range (WDR) model handles widely variable lighting, while a Video Content
| Analytics (VCA) model targets video analytics processing applications.


HD surveillance camera design runs homespun Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux-based CamHD hardware/software reference design is equipped with an
| Altera Cyclone III FPGA (field-programmable gate array), and boasts a claimed
| 1080P HD resolution.



Grandeye selects 3DLABS' DMS-02 media processor for its next generation
360(degree) intelligent IP surveillance cameras

,----[ Quote ]
| The DMS-02's unique performance capability enables Grandeye to
| manage all the camera's intensive graphics processing requirements
| on a single chip.
| [...]
| The device is OS independent with the first Software Development
| Kits supporting embedded Linux 2.6.


"Dual stream" surveillance camera design runs Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Embedded R&D house eInfochips is offering an IP network camera
| reference design that runs Linux on a TI DaVinci RISC/DSP processor.
| The "IPNetCam" targets intelligent IP surveillance cameras, and is
| claimed to be among the first camera designs to support "dual streaming."


Tiny surveillance camera has Linux smarts

,----[ Quote ]
| Nuvation is demonstrating an ultra-compact, Linux-powered,
| intelligent IP camera reference design, at the TI Developer
| Conference in Dallas this week. The engineering consultancy
| firm says its camera can encode and stream D1 (720x480) video
| over Ethernet at 30fps.


ZoneMinder Digital Surveillance Systems

,----[ Quote ]
| This freely available, Linux based, open source camera monitoring
| software can easily turn a PC into a monitoring system that compares
| to a $1,500+ PC based DVR.

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