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[News] Most Popular GNU/Linux Downloads, a Look Back at FUD

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Most Popular Linux Downloads of 2008


Back to the future and back again with Tux 2000

,----[ Quote ]
| Back to the future, proprietary vendor FUD has failed and common sense has 
| prevailed. Failed public sector IT projects are no more. The UK school 
| assessment agency responsible for approved software indoctrination has been 
| abolished (National Assessment Agency).   
| So, asks our hero, what went wrong? How did this nightmare vision of the 
| future happen? 
| Bit by bit the story unfolds.
| An exhausted elite band of the 'penguinistas' surviving hand to mouth in an 
| Earth destroyed by a corrupt and greedy financial system and incompetent 
| box-ticking gerontocracy, had sent a Tux 2000 terminator back in time.  
| It's mission was to prevent the infamous meeting in Number 10 Downing Street 
| between the then newly elected Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and the then CEO 
| of Microsoft, Bill Gates. It was here their Memorandum of Understanding was 
| to be signed.   



Top Linux Moments of 2008

,----[ Quote ]
| It’s been a rather interesting year for Linux, with just enough ups and downs
| to keep us on our toes.  And, being as it is the heart of December, I figured
| now is a good time to scour through the Linux Action Shows of the past year
| and find, what I consider to be, the top moments from 2008.


Ten Linux and Open Source milestones in 2008

,----[ Quote ]
|     * In what has to be the longest development time that I know of Wine
|     finally reached its 1.0 release. Wine allows you to run windows programs
|     under Linux.
|     * The Amazon internet jungle giant has given the nod to developers and
|     released service level agreements for Linux users of its Elastic Compute
|     Cloud.
|     * The coffee lovers of us do like a good cup of Java (I have a hot one
|     right next to me now, tantalising me with its smell.) Now you can have
|     your Java free of proprietary restraints. The free and open Java
|     development kit, started by sun and continued on by Redhat has reached
|     its milestone by passing the Java test compatibility kit.
| [...]



Editors' retrospective -- Linux Devices in 2007

,----[ Quote ]
|     * Mobile Internet tablets took off, fueled by Nokia's N800 and N810
|     models, as well as Intel's Mobile Internet Device (MID) project...
|     * The mobile browser wars began in earnest, with commercial vendors like
|     Opera, Access, and OpenWave taking a backseat to open source browser
|     projects...  
|     * As the "post-PC" world shifts attention from desktops and laptops to
|     new form factors such as mobile Internet tablets...


2007 Roundup: Open source comes of age

,----[ Quote ]
| Two major open source projects finally came to fruition in 2007, bringing
| with them major headlines.
| The One Laptop Per Child project finally rolled its first machines off the
| production line, and the latest version of the GNU General Public Licence
| arrived after 18 months of hard draft.  
| The OLPC had a rocky year, after orders placed with Nigeria in 2006 were
| cancelled at the last minute. The country ditched the OLPC XO laptops in
| favour of Intel's Classmate PCs.  
| OLPC was started in 2005 to create a laptop that cost only $100 to
| manufacture, although the cost has almost doubled since then.
| The Linux-based machines started a trend among manufacturers and retailers.
| Asus created a competing notebook called the Eee PC, which sold for $350 in
| the US.  
| Wal-Mart offered a similar idea to US consumers by selling $200 Ubuntu Linux
| PCs which sold out in less than two weeks.

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