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Re: Hey Roy Schestowitz... I've done you a favor......

____/ Jerry McBride on Thursday 28 February 2008 20:12 : \____

> Moshe Goldfarb wrote:
>> I've sent Microsoft the link to your search engine in the hopes that maybe
>> they might like what they see and make you an offer you can't refuse
>> should the Yahoo deal crash and burn.
>> I sure hope the code is original and/or that you have the rights to use
>> it.
>>  http://iuron.com
>> So let it not be said that I didn't do my part to get you out of the dorm
>> room, finally, and out on your own two feet.
>> Your parents can thank me later.
> Shame I can't do that for you. Your phony name doesn't help much in the
> effort either. But then again, it's how you trolls operate, nameless
> snipers working for microsoft... It must hurt seeing your company founder
> like a dieing fish, out of water...

An E-mail from a friend yesterday was cynical. It asked whether Microsoft just
employs people who are in prison cells to do their trolling and bring down
other people to the same level with insults. Yes, he was cynical, but he's a
regular Slashdotter and the trolling over there has gone through the roof as
well. Some people blame Microsoft.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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