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Re: Ping> Marti

"Hadron" <hadronquark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schreef in bericht news:fn1vsv$4sm$5@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ml2mst <ml2mst@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

____/ ml2mst on Monday 21 January 2008 00:59 : \____

7 wrote:

duck fscker Clogwog wrote on behalf of micoshaft corporation:
No wonder I was unable to see the original post.

Can't be coming anything interesting from Clogwog.

Interesting - still self aware after spliffing.
Whatever he wrote, it's probably BS as usual.


Didn't see the OP either. Just a bunch of orphan threads. *yawn* Those pigeons
and rats must be sh*tting on COLA again. Back to their cage...

Well I used google groups and came to the conclusion, that he raped my
Hackwerk poster, to insult HPT.

Do you ever post *anything* that is in anyway related to Linux?

I did not followed the link Cloggy provided, because it will likely piss
me off.

I updated the Hackwerk poster article on my blog, to make clear *who* is
on the poster and *why* (the links in the article will give sufficient


Brrrr... Creepy. Why don't you put on one of those pictures of Roy
"muscled up" in his tanga? Where's Mark Kent?

lol !, Mark Kent ==> Roys parrot!

Clogwog has been screaming for my attention for at least the last week.
Unfortunately he's gone too far and there's no turning back.

I repeat:

May he rot in hell!

Oh dear me. Another loony.

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