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Re: Who Needs Photoshop(R) When You Have a Whole GIMP Universe?

  • Subject: Re: Who Needs Photoshop(R) When You Have a Whole GIMP Universe?
  • From: Hadron <hadronquark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 16:54:20 +0100
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Rex Ballard <rex.ballard@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> No, it's the same thinking that makes people spend $3,000 for a Rolex
> watch that doesn't tell time any more accurately than a Quartz watch
> that can be purchased today for about $30.  The difference is that
> this thinking is expanded to purchasing "Rolex Watches" for 1000
> people, because the decision makers aren't spending their own money.
> Consistently, huge expendatures for IT were absorbed by the
> organization by laying off staff, middle management, and R&D workers.

The worst analogy ever Rexx.

People buy Rolex because of the history of automatic matches and the
skills inherent in an single piece. And the fact they are as strong as a
safe. hold their value very well, and feature ageless elegant styling.

These watches WILL last a LOT longer than the quartz cheapy and will
never stop so long as you wear it and are breathing.

They also make nice heirlooms.

Accuracy is never a consideration when buying an automatic movement.

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