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[News] Virtualisation Bypasses Windows, GNU/Linux Likely by Default

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VMware exec says Windows days are numbered

,----[ Quote ]
| Seriously.
| In an ITWire tale, Paul Harapin, VMware's managing director for Australia and 
| New Zealand said Windows is already being replaced by virtual appliances 
| running on Linux. In ten-years, there will be no more Windows.  
| OK. I know people at Red Hat who would say that that's exactly what will 
| happen. That's right out of the new Red Hat KVM-based virtualization 
| playbook. But, someone from VMware saying this? Wow.   


That's why Microsoft plays dirty like nobody's business, signing
virtualisation/extortion deals with Novell and hijacking Xen.


Red Hat Takes Hypervisor Control Back From Citrix

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat announced two important moves this week; open sourcing of Red Hat
| Network Satellite, and their own virtualization hypervisor oVirt. Open
| sourcing RHN Satellite is fundamentally about showing the industry Red Hat is
| still the keeper of the open source flame but the real strategic move is the
| development of oVirt. oVirt is built upon Kernel Virtual Mode, or KVM, which
| is virtualization built right into the Linux operating system, and has been
| maturing over the past two years. Until now Red Hat's virtualization strategy
| has been built around open source Xen, much like other players such as Oracle
| and Sun Microsystems.
| When Citrix took over Xen, it created a sticky situation for vendors
| depending on the Xen open source software for their virtualization
| strategies.

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