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[News] Stressful Economy Encourages Free Software Use

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Use open source to avoid jail and rescue your weekends

,----[ Quote ]
| The Federation Against Software Theft has apparently published a survey 
| indicating that 79% of British company directors “would be happy to avoid 
| buying software licences in order to support their company’s balance sheet 
| during the current tough economic climate.”   
| [...]
| Open source is another method that could be used to avoid upfront software 
| licenses while remaining in compliance with existing licensing requirements. 
| Of course, enterprise versions come with a commercial license/subscription 
| fee but by the time you have to pay that you should already know whether the 
| software fits your requirements or not.    


Investment in OSS are still up.

Zmanda Named Among "Top 10 Storage Start-Ups"

,----[ Quote ]
| Zmanda(TM), the leader in open source backup and recovery software, today 
| announced that the editors of Byte and Switch have named the company one of 
| the "Top 10 Start-ups to Watch." The quarterly round-up report of the storage 
| industry's leading start-ups was released on July 15, 2008.   


OrangeHRM Releases Version 2.4-beta.4 of the Open-Source HR Management System 

,----[ Quote ]
| The latest version of OrangeHRM is available free of charge under GNU GPL 
| open source license.  



Linux can save us

,----[ Quote ]
| In case you haven't noticed, the economy is collapsing.
| You can't afford to drive anywhere, and, even if you could, you may not have
| a GM car to drive there for much longer. Some of you may be losing your
| houses, and the mortgage companies that gave you that mortgage in the first
| place? IndyMac went down late last week and now the question of the day is
| which major national bank will follow it down.
| What does this have to do with Linux? Everything.
| With both people and companies having to squeeze a nickel's worth of good out
| of every penny, how long do you think people will be paying Microsoft for its
| imperfect operating systems and office suites? Vista Business SP1 'upgrade'
| has a list price of $199.95. Office 2007 Professional is $329.95. That's
| $529.90, or as much as a new low-end PC. Or, I could go with Ubuntu Linux for
| zero money down.


Microsoft sees slide in profits


Microsoft Profit Drops; Forecast May Miss Estimates

,----[ Quote ]
| The world's biggest software maker said sales of Windows for PCs sank 24
| percent and revenue from its online advertising unit came in at the low end
| of its projections. Microsoft's report contrasted with positive comments from
| chipmaker Intel Corp. and computer company International Business Machines
| Corp.
| [...]
| Microsoft declined $1.60 to $30.20 in extended trading after closing at
| $31.80 at 4 p.m. New York time on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The stock has
| fallen 11 percent this year.

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