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Re: US Federal Aviation Administration Bans Windows Vista

On Jul 16, 10:16 am, "Moshe Goldfarb." <brick_n_st...@xxxxxxxxx>
> On Wed, 16 Jul 2008 00:07:53 -0400, DFS wrote:
> > Rex Ballard wrote:
> >> IBM already has a corporate standard Linux desktop, and since each
> >> employee is licensed to use XP as well, they can install Windows as a
> >> VMWare client, but they are being encouraged to look at Linux as the
> >> primary operating system.  They have also announced that they intend
> >> to "sunset" Microsoft's proprietary format documents.  They have even
> >> been supporting efforts to make a "project" for eclipse, along with
> >> other eclipse applications, so that they can drop the remaining
> >> Microsoft applications such as Project and Visio.
> > It's funny how you claim to be an inventor and early adopter of so many
> > technologies, but when the pedal hits the medal - in the office and at the
> > client site - you absolutely refuse to use open source (cr)apps like Kivio
> > and Dia and Planner and Evolution.

Actually I have used some of those on some engagements.  And often,
the client is just as happy to see a DIA diagram as a Visio diagram.
On the other hand, if you are trying to convert an ERWIN ERD into a
Rational UML-2 Class Diagram, because one of the other vendors doesn't
want to do the conversion, you have to do a little "magic" here and

> > What exactly is wrong with xvidcap, Rex?

That's a static screen-shot or mpeg video.  In this case, the
reviewers need to pop open components and classes to see if the pieces
match up.  A picture that showed all of the elements would be about 8'
by 11', but a diagram where the reviewer can pop open the components
he wants to investigate will fit on a 1024x768 laptop screen.

> >> Thanks to UNIX, we see planes landing every 30 seconds, and taking off
> >> every 60 seconds at major airports like Newark, Atlanta, and O'Hare.
> > Thanks to Microsoft, you don't have to put up with 3rd rate open source
> > slopware (cr)apps on your IBM laptop.
> The controllers workstations are Unix (AIX actually) but the number
> crunching and traffic control is done on an IBM mainframe, circa 1995
> running in 370 mode.

Even funnier, the micro-controllers that feed the 370, are running MS-
DOS (and a very simple pipeline program).

The mainframe gives the AIX box the X,Y,Z coordinates, and the
transponder IDs, the displays filter the content, and give the
controller the view of the action he needs.

I had a friend who worked on the ATC upgrade project.  They replacing
the old (IMS or CICS?) messaging system with MQ.  He also had to put
MQClient on MS-DOS.  Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to discuss
all of the details of the project with him (we were busy working on a
Linux/AIX project).

> Moshe Goldfarb
> Please visit The Hall of Linux Idiots:http://linuxidiots.blogspot.com/
His information is as good as his speling :-D

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