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[News] Another Ambitious Move to Free Software in India

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BJP to launch ambitious tech initiative to gain edge in elections

,----[ Quote ]
| In an attempt to use communication and computing technology to gain an edge 
| in next year’s elections to India’s Lok Sabha and beyond, the Bharatiya 
| Janata Party or BJP is deploying an ambitious technology plan, built on a 
| foundation of free and open-source software, which will bring video 
| conferencing, Internet telephony and unified communication to around four 
| million party workers by 2011.     
| [...]
| The decision to use open-source software across the board, the party’s IT 
| cell says, offers the party a number of significant advantages. 
| “Open-source software gives you a greater flexibility and allows for very 
| precise customization,” says Sidharth Gupta, Troop Software, an open-source 
| solutions provider working with BJP on its internal communication system.  
| [...]
| “The cost advantage open-source software enjoys over most proprietary 
| solutions is that it has no incremental cost per user for software.” For most 
| proprietary software, adding additional users to a system would require 
| additional licences. “But here, whether it’s 500 users or 50,000, that cost 
| does not increase,” says Chamarty.    


That's not what open source means though. This one also seems 'fluffy':

Opengear Adds Open Source Network UPS Tools to Range of Console Servers

,----[ Quote ]
| Opengear, a leading provider of next generation out-of-band management 
| solutions, today announced the inclusion of Network UPS Tools in its range of 
| console servers, providing a further boost to its overall power management 
| offering targeting data centre and remote branch offices.   
| The open source Network UPS Tools provide secure monitoring and control of 
| distributed Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) hardware from all the leading 
| vendors.  



What Policy Should India Adopt for ICT in School Education?

,----[ Quote ]
| Considering that computer science is a strange mix of deep theory as well as
| sophisticated technology, it is very vital for any society to use this
| transparently. Else, we will let some agencies become monopolies. This is a
| serious danger to digital society because, the data that is digitized belongs
| to you and me, and not to the company. But, in reality today, our data has
| been handed over to the proprietary companies, since they alone have the
| license to decode our own documents. This will create a possibility for
| computer crime, which is happening all around our eyes. We should we let this
| happen?

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