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[News] Linux on Many 'Desktops' Just a Matter of Time

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How long will it be before Linux is on your desktop (if it isn’t already)?

,----[ Quote ]
| I almost have sugarplums dancing in my head over the possibility of being 
| able to reduce hardware and power costs by moving to a solution like the 
| Wind. The unfortunate part is that any such solution would have to meet the 
| base-level user test, which I have not felt good about with any of the 
| options in the past. I will be testing some of the new Linux distributions, 
| and I truly hope that I feel comfortable running a test like that with one or 
| two of my users. Have you started evaluating or rolling out non-Wintel 
| solutions for the desktop?       


Why must everything be newbie-friendly?

,----[ Quote ]
| Like I said, everyone finds their own level with Linux. People asking for a 
| newbie-friendly version of a distro are asking a foreign community to adopt a 
| new culture — one that is more convenient to them. To me, that sounds out of 
| place, and possibly out of line.   
| If you’re not ready for Arch as it is, then you should stick with what you 
| know. One day your desire will outstrip your ability and you’ll learn a lot 
| of new things. But until gumption exceeds know-how, it’s best to leave other 
| people’s distros the way they are, and learn their customs when you’re ready.   


Simplicity, Eee PC-style:

Desktop Environments: The Past and The Future

,----[ Quote ]
| The solution of Linpus is based on XFCE and uses five desktops. That are 
| accordingly: Internet, Work, Learn, Play and Settings. Unfortunately the 
| distribution is “speaking” to us only in English, Chinese or Japanese, so no 
| luck for international users. Other than in SymphonyOS, Linpus has a taskbar, 
| which seems to be more comfortable, because of the possibility to switch 
| between running applications. And if the user is not used to such a solution, 
| he can always switch the environment to the traditional XFCE. Not to mention 
| that the Asian system has a lot more aesthetic values than Symphony, but well 
| — the company has invested much more means into it.        



2007's most important IT lesson is spelled with an Eee

,----[ Qote ]
| The Eee shows too just how out of date the 'is Linux ready for the desktop?'
| argument is. Yes it is. Anyone can pick up an Eee with its standard Linux
| distro - or with a number of freely available alternatives - and just use it.
| That alone revitalises the 'is this paid-for operating system value for
| money?' question.

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