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[News] Google Takes Gadgets Open Source, Other Linux Gadget Toolsets Inspected

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Google Gadgets open-sourced for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Google has announced the official release of Desktop Gadgets for Linux and is 
| distributing the source code under the open-source Apache software license. 
| Although there are still bugs and the implementation is not yet entirely 
| complete, it works well enough for day-to-day use.   


Not free software, but open source is a good start. What's next? Google Talk?

Screenlets add customized functionality to the desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| If free software development goes by trends, then the current era might be 
| called the Age of Extensions. In the last few years, every application from 
| the Mozilla family to OpenOffice.org to Gedit has created frameworks in which 
| developers can add their own small bits of functionality to an application. 
| In the last 10 months or so, a community has taken this trend directly to the 
| desktop with what it calls "screenlets" -- small applications that are added 
| directly to the desktop. The result is dozens of tools, some new and many 
| old, that are in most cases not only themable, but also heavily customizable.       


Days ago:

A short preview of Google Gadgets for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| With Google Gadgets, we get the best of both worlds: A solution backed by a
| big company with many Gadgets already out there and something that is open
| source. Additionally, it’s the only product right now working on all three
| major platforms, which might turn out as the feature that makes this the
| de-facto standard. A sign that Google is serious about this is the fact that
| you can build this against GTK, like I did, but also against Qt, so there is
| integration for KDE aswell.


Google Gadgets for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Since releasing Google Desktop for Linux, we've added almost all of our most
| requested features, like 64-bit support and the ability to search
| applications and documents. All except one major exception: Desktop Gadgets.
| Gadget support is not just a single feature, but rather an entire platform
| for miniature applications. It's a complex undertaking, but we're now putting
| the finishing touches on the product.

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