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Re: [News] BECTA Opens Up for Free Software Supplier Bids, Microsoft Loses

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
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> ____/ bbgruff on Friday 23 May 2008 17:11 : \____
>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> Schools set to go open source
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>> | Officially sanctioned open source and free-to-use software could be
>>> | in use across the UK education system within months after government
>>> | education agency Becta issued a tender for a four-year framework
>>> | agreement.
>>> |
>>> | Becta is looking for up to 10 software suppliers to participate in
>>> | the £80m framework that will launch in October. This will replace
>>> | its software licensing framework, in place since April 2005.
>>> |
>>> | The contract notice says: ?We are particularly seeking suppliers
>>> | which can provide a comprehensive choice of software solutions
>>> | including appropriate open source and free-to-use alternatives and
>>> | advise users on best-value licensing.?
>>> |
>>> | Solutions should be cost-effective, but provide freedom of choice,
>>> | said a Becta spokeswoman.
>>> |
>>> | ?We?re providing guidance on the educational elements and looking
>>> | for suppliers that can provide comprehensive choice,? she said.
>>> `----
> http://www.computing.co.uk/computing/news/2217224/schools-set-open-source-4017531
>> Yes, I *know* I'm repeating myself - and I intend to keep doing so - but
>> are people finally waking up?:-)
> Oh, they woke up a while ago, especially when Vista dreams turns to tatters. It
> was a turning point... tipping point and power shift. Microsoft now
> plays /defence/ to keep customers. Rules have changed.

I'm in agreement here, the world really has woken up.  We have MPs
demanding open-source solutions, governments demanding same, pressure on
Becta has forced them to take an open view of things.  

I'm waiting to see what the fallout will be with respect to the British
Library and its ill-conceived plan to lock the library's online presence
permanently to Microsoft DRM and proprietary formats, although I really
do hope that the major culprit is encouraged to seek work elsewhere, as
happened at the BBC.

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