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[News] "Historical" Red Hat Settlement GPLv3-Compatible

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Red Hat Makes History With Patent Settlement - Compatible with GPLv3

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's what Eben Moglen says about the agreement:
|       "Red Hat’s settlement of outstanding patent litigation on terms that provide
|          additional protection to other members of the community upstream and 
|          downstream from Red Hat is a positive contribution to the resources     
|          for community patent defense. We would hope to see more settlements        
|          of this kind–in which parties secure more than their own particular 
|          legal advantage in relation to the third-party patent risk of the 
|          whole FOSS community–when commercial redistributors of FOSS choose 
|          to settle  patent litigation. SFLC welcomes Red Hat’s efforts on the 
|          community’s behalf."  


Novell needed this lesson

,----[ Quote ]
| This is what the Novell/Microsoft secret pact should have been - instead of 
| throwing the rest of the open source community under the bus, Novell should 
| have pushed for broader coverage and been open about it all. Look and learn 
| Novell, don't be so slimy and see how the a real leader operates.   



The ghost of software patents is back!

,----[ Quote ]
| Life is never easy for an open source evangelist. The OOXML drama came to a
| close on 2nd April 2008 and we were on to our next issue -- software patents.
| The Draft Patent Manual might end up bringing software patents through the
| back door. this would be surprising because the Indian parliament explicitly
| rejected software patents in the Patent Amendment Act 2005. In this blog, I
| am including extracts from a letter that I sent to the Patent Office on 11th
| April 2008. The deadline for comments was 15th April 2008.


[ffii] McCreevy wants to legalise Software Patents via a US-EU patent treaty

,----[ Quote ]
| Brussels, 13 May 2008 -- European Commissioner McCreevy is pushing for a
| bilateral patent treaty with the United States. This Tuesday 13 May in
| Brussels, White House and European representatives will try to adopt a
| tight roadmap for the signature of a EU-US patent treaty by the end of
| the year. Parts of the proposed treaty will contain provision on
| software patents, and could legalise them on both sides of the Atlantic.
| "TEC talks are the current push for software patents. The US want to
| eliminate the higher standards of the European Patent Convention. The
| bilateral agenda is dictated by multinationals gathered in the
| Transatlantic Economic Business Dialogue (TABD). When you have a look
| who is in the Executive Board of the TABD, you find not a single
| European SME in there", says Benjamin Henrion, a Brussels based patent
| policy specialist.
| The Transatlantic Economic Council (TEC) which comprises EU and US high
| level representatives put a substantive harmonisation of patent law on
| its agenda. Substantive patent law covers what is patentable or not. The
| attempt to impose the low US standards on Europe via the Substantive
| Patent Law Treaty (SPLT) process utterly failed at the World
| Intellectual Property Organisation. Also progress in the WIPO B+
| subgroup (without development nations) could not be reached.

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