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[News] Nobel Prize Winner for Free (Libre+Gratis) Music, RIAA Monster Sued

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu a fan of free music

,----[ Quote ]
| Count Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Nobel Prize winner and internationally 
| known humanitarian, as a member of the free-music movement. 
| Tutu has become involved with SOS Records, a label that plans to let users 
| decide which acts it signs. Tutu was in New York on Tuesday to help launch 
| the label's site, which will offer open MP3s free of charge.   
| [...]
| Tutu also said that SOS Records is a way for up-and-coming artists to be 
| discovered and "get their fair reward," adding that "the democratization of 
| music is very close to my heart."  


Or: you could just do your business with the RIAA...

Counterclaims for extortion, conspiracy, trespass, consumer fraud & abuse,
abuse of process upheld in Atlantic v. Boyer

,----[ Quote ]
| The counterclaims are for civil conspiracy, extortion, illegal 
| investigations, computer fraud, trespass, deception, and abuse of process. 


Notice the difference. 

Tutu's "the democratization of music is very close to my heart."  


Glickman's "we need to punish the criminals... the pirates." (he uses both


Nine Inch Nails Gives Away Another Album Online: No Payments Accepted

,----[ Quote ]
| Nine Inch Nails is back at it again by throwing more free music towards the
| masses with its latest album entitled "the slip." This time around the free
| download is working a bit different- the band isn't even allowing for
| donations.
| The album can be found over at NIN's Web site. If you remember it was only
| two months ago when NIN released an instrumental album online with a unique
| pay structure, with a most common $5 fee for the standard 36-track album, but
| now NIN frontman, Trent Reznor, just wants his music to be heard as there's
| no options for payments or donations.



Dancing tot's mom faces setback in YouTube-Prince case

,----[ Quote ]
| EFF had asked for a ruling that the 30-second snippet did not violate
| copyright law; Fogel concluded it was unnecessary because "Universal has
| indicated it had and presently has no intention of ever asserting an
| infringement action directly against Lenz based on the 'Let's Go Crazy'
| video."    


Does She Look Like a Music Pirate?

,----[ Quote ]
| Andersen is going after the recording industry under conspiracy laws. She
| argues the Recording Industry Association of America, the industry's trade
| group, and its affiliates worked together on a broad campaign to intimidate
| people into making financial payoffs. The defendants "secretly met and
| conspired" to develop a "litigation enterprise" with the ultimate goal of
| preserving the major record companies' control over the music business.
| Andersen is requesting class action status for her case, seeking at least $5
| million in compensation for the class      
| [...]
| From her apartment outside Portland, Andersen remains involved in the broader
| case. She collects files on her suit and tracks other disputes with the RIAA
| online. One recent winter day, she sipped a Diet Pepsi and watched Tazz jump
| from the couch and settle on the floor. "You have to find some positive in
| stuff, too," she says. "For whatever reason, I have been given a unique
| opportunity to fight this. I feel a responsibility in a way and want to help
| others. That pushes me along."      


Music boss: we were wrong to go to war with consumers

,----[ Quote ]
| The boss of Warner Music has made a rare public confession that the music
| industry has to take some of the blame for the rise of p2p file sharing.


Defendant: RIAA abusing courts to shore up "failing business model"

,----[ Quote ]
| After the lawsuit was filed, Njuguna said she boxed up the PC reportedly used
| for infringement and purchased a new one. She then filed a series of
| counterclaims to the RIAA's lawsuit in an attempt to have the lawsuit
| dismissed and her name cleared. One of those accuses the record labels of
| failing to negotiate in good faith.    
| [...]
| Njugana also accuses the RIAA of engaging in deceptive and unfair trade
| practices, arguing that the record labels have demonstrated repeated behavior
| that has an "adverse effect on the public interest." She also cites former
| RIAA defendant Tanya Andersen's lawsuit (which seeks class-action status) as
| evidence that, unless the courts step in at some point, the RIAA will
| continue its campaign.    


The RIAA will come to regret its court win

,----[ Quote ]
| And, he told his blog readers: "If [the industry tries to] keep up the
| strategy of 'you need us badly and therefore we make the rules' you will lose
| the artists, their managers... and the audience. Another 12 months for this
| Radiohead experiment to become the default approach. Get engaged or get
| outmoded. And do it soon."    


Mom Sues Universal Music for DMCA Abuse

,----[ Quote ]
| The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed suit today against Universal
| Music Publishing Group (UMPG), asking a federal court to protect the fair use
| and free speech rights of a mother who posted a short video of her toddler
| son dancing to a Prince song on the Internet.  


RIAA, MPAA urge pro-copyright vows from presidential candidates

,----[ Quote ]
| One question, for instance, asks: "How would you promote the progress of
| science and creativity, as enumerated in the U.S. Constitution, by upholding
| and strengthening copyright law and preventing its diminishment?"  


BitTorrent Admin Monitored by US Government, Forced to Dump Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Sk0t, an ex-administrator of the EliteTorrents BitTorrent tracker is to have
| his internet connection forcibly monitored by the US Government. If that
| wasn’t bad enough, the monitoring software is Windows based - which means he
| is being forced to ditch Linux - or face being barred from the internet.  

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