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Of course we're paid -- but not to troll, Clogster -- we have jobs

CROSSPOST to XP newsgroup snipped

After takin' a swig o' grog, Terry Porter belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

> On Sun, 30 Nov 2008 14:41:38 +0100, Clogwog wrote:
>> http://tantek.pbwiki.com/TrollTaxonomy <quote>
>> Anti-microsoft troll
> When the Wintrolls complain about you, then line up to provide fake grass 
> roots support for each other , you know you're doing good work on COLA.
> Keep up the good work Roy Schestwitz and Tattoo Vampire, "7", Mark Kent, 
> Chris Ahlstrom, Peter Köhlmann, nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Homer, 
> chrisv etc

You might also add the names of Robert Bork and Kenneth Starr (from 2001):


   Court Ruling
   Was No Victory
   For Microsoft
   King Pyrrhus, meet Bill Gates.

   . . .

   Microsoft will continue to argue that any serious remedy would damage
   innovation. But Microsoft suppressed the innovation of Netscape, Sun and
   Intel. In any case, Microsoft is hardly a leading innovator. It bought
   the technologies for its major products. Its genius has been in business
   and predation, not innovation.

   Microsoft's response to the legal threat it continues to face is to
   unleash a swarm of lobbyists and lawyers upon the administration and
   Congress to urge a quick settlement. Judging from its past negotiations
   with the Department of Justice, the company will not accept any
   settlement that seriously inhibits its ability to engage in predation.

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