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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Dominance Dies Online

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Why Microsoft won't dominate the cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| The majority of Microsoft's revenue and profits still comes from Windows and 
| Office. There is no way the company can afford to encourage users to emigrate 
| from Office to a cheaper, Web-based alternative. Sure, Microsoft will roll 
| out a new version of Windows Live that includes Web-based apps, but you can 
| bet they'll be very lightweight. Google, on the other hand, has core business 
| built on the Web that will only be enhanced by its efforts in cloud 
| computing.      


Why can't Microsoft make money online?

,----[ Quote ]
| As for Microsoft, which has been at this online thing for a decade, give or 
| take, losses continue to mount. The division in question is Microsoft's 
| Online Services Business, which includes the online portal MSN, the aQuantive 
| ad agency Microsoft bought last year for $6 billion, and Live Search.   


The 'cloud' is FOSS and GNU/Linux. That won't change.

"It just tells you how desperate Microsoft is for a competitor that they’re
holding up a software box produced by 100 guys in the hills of North Carolina.
Who are they trying to kid?"

                --Robert Young, CEO of Red Hat


Microsoft's Google challenge remains

,----[ Quote ]
| In the past seven years, the company has spent $17.6-billion on its online
| operations and suffered more than $2-billion in losses, Mr. Rosoff said.


Microsoft running out of options

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft thought that by proposing loudly in public it could get Yahoo to
| agree to a marriage offer it had spurned in private.


MS UK kills mystery 'Live to Code' site

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft pulled the Live to Code site, following repeated inquiries from El
| Reg, on Tuesday. It is yet to explain what was going on. Microsoft's UK site
| is administered from the US and this factor has made it more difficult to
| uncover what was going on.
| In a statement, Microsoft said the Live to Code site is "legitimately
| associated with Microsoft and is not serving malware", without explaining its
| purpose


Microsoft's executive shuffle expected Thursday

,----[ Quote ]
| The move will see three top executives--including two prominent outside
| hires--out of a job. Leaving the company are: Senior Vice President Steven
|                                               ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| Berkowitz, the former Ask.com CEO who had been heading Microsoft's online
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| services unit, and Mike Sievert, the former AT&T Wireless executive brought
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| in to run Windows marketing. Both Sievert and Berkowitz had already seen some
| duties handed off to others at the company and their departures were largely
| expected.      
| Also leaving is Pieter Knook, longtime head of Microsoft's Windows Mobile
| unit.


MSN exec Bradford leaving for ad company

,----[ Quote ]
| Bradford, a Microsoft corporate vice president, was most recently the
|                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| company's chief media officer, overseeing the MSN Media Network.
`----                                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^



Danny Thorpe quits the Windows Live development team

,----[ Quote ]
| Danny Thorpe, one of the higher-profile hires Microsoft made to its Windows
| Live team, has decided to leave for greener pastures.


Yet another Microsoft search exec calls it quits

,----[ Quote ]
| In March, Blake Irving, the Corporate VP in charge of the Windows
| Live platform, announced his plans to leave Microsoft, effective
| this summer. Payne announced his resignation from Microsoft shortly
| after Irving made his announcement.


Former Microsoft Search Chief Bill Bliss On Early Search Missteps

,----[ Quote ]
| Bill's biggest regret? Not bypassing middle management that wasn't
| listening to him scream about the coming threat of Google and going
| right up to Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.


Microsoft Search Leader To Leave Company

,----[ Quote ]
| The Microsoft Corp. vice president who led the company's push into
| Internet search is leaving the software giant as the effort he
| helped launch loses ground against lead competitor Google Inc.


Microsoft Windows Live VP to resign

,----[ Quote ]
| Blake Irving, a Corporate Vice President in Microsoft's Windows
| Live Platform group, is resigning his post, according to sources
| close to the company.

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