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[News] Fedora Innovateth, Ubuntu Taketh; Benchmark Shows Parity

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Plymouth To Replace USplash In Ubuntu?

,----[ Quote ]
| We've talked about Plymouth now a number of times at Phoronix, which is Red 
| Hat's RHGB replacement starting with Fedora 10 and uses newer Linux 
| technologies like kernel mode-setting to drive this graphical boot screen. As 
| we shared in our detailed analysis of Plymouth it also offers a number of 

| plug-ins and APIs for creating some fairly unique visuals. Now it looks like 
| Plymouth may make its way into Ubuntu.      


Fedora 10 vs. Ubuntu 8.10 Benchmarks

,----[ Quote ]
| In past distribution comparisons at Phoronix, the performance differences 
| have been larger than what we experienced with Fedora 10 and Ubuntu 8.10. 
| Both the x86 and x86_64 editions had performed nearly identical. In fact, the 
| results are so close that it's hard to call a winner in any of the 
| benchmarks. There's a few slight deviations in tests like the timed Gzip 
| compression and BYTE Unix Benchmark, but nothing conclusive, at least with 
| the hardware configuration we had used and the real-world tests conducted.      



Linux vs Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, that’s what Atomic’s here to sort out for you. We’ve looked at 
| distributions at all levels, from the newcomers that need a bit of 
| hand-holding, to those looking to get their feet wet with command-line tools 
| and new technology, and the Linux kung-foo masters that are ready for 
| something truly hardcore.    


First look: latest Fedora and Ubuntu betas really shine

,----[ Quote ]
| The developers behind the increasingly popular Ubuntu and Fedora Linux
| distributions announced the availability of new beta releases last week.
| These betas, which offer users an opportunity to get an early look at the
| functionality that will be included in the next major versions, are already
| highly polished and showcase the growing maturity of the desktop Linux
| software ecosystem.



23,000 Linux PCs forge education revolution in Philippines

,----[ Quote ]
| Providing high school students with PCs is seen as a first step to preparing
| them for a technology-literate future, but in the Philippines many schools
| cannot afford to provide computing facilities so after a successful
| deployment of 13,000 Fedora Linux systems from a government grant, plans are
| underway to roll out another 10,000 based on Ubuntu.

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