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[News] Bazaar Now Contains Ubuntu GNU/Linux, Sneak Peek at 9.04

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Ubuntu Packages Get Bazaar-ed

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the planned development changes for Ubuntu 9.04 (the Jaunty Jackalope) 
| is transitioning all Ubuntu source packages to having their own Bazaar 
| repositories. From there, anyone can then clone these source-code 
| repositories and do whatever they wish.    


An early glimpse of Ubuntu 9.04

,----[ Quote ]
| The biggest change that I noted was the addition of an encrypted private area 
| to your home user area. In the times in which we live, I can certainly see 
| that coming in useful though it may not set pulses racing in some quarters.  



Getting better results with WUBI

,----[ Quote ]
| WUBI dramatically reduces the gap that prevents windows users to try Ubuntu.
| If you are wondering what WUBI is all about, you may get some idea from my
| post “WUBI - A wonderful little gem that helps windows users to try Ubuntu“.
| Yes, with WUBI, installing Ubuntu is just like installing Firefox or
| Thunderbird on a windows machine.


Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) Alpha 1 Now Available

,----[ Quote ]
| Before the most recent version of Ubuntu (8.10, Intrepid Ibex) was even
| released, founder Mark Shuttleworth was already looking ahead by introducing
| The Jaunty Jackalope, or what will later be known as version 9.04. That was
| just over two months ago, and now eager Linux users can take a peek at what
| the upcoming release has in store by downloading the distro in Alpha 1 form.



Wubi Tuesday

,----[ Quote ]
| In the past I’d have downloaded an ISO image, burning it to CD, and booting
| from the resulting disk. This time, however, I decided to try out Wubi, an
| installer that promised to let me run Ubuntu without having to re-partition
| my hard drive.
| [...]
| Once it’s in place, all you need to do is reboot, choose Ubuntu from the list
| displayed at start-up, and you’re ready to run. There are a couple of
| caveats - as it’s running from a virtual disk on another file system you
| can’t hibernate, and if you have a power outage you stand a higher chance of
| getting corruption. Even so, it’s still a great way of getting started with a
| non-Windows OS with out the performance hit of virtualisation - and it’s easy
| to migrate your new install to its own real file system.


A new version of AmigaOS

,----[ Quote ]
| At the time of writing, Hyperion is still in the middle of a lawsuit brought
| by the company that contracted the development of the OS, Amiga Incorporated.
| The lawsuit hinges on the original OS4 development contract, signed in the
| wake of the dotcom crash of 2001, when Amiga Inc. had lost its funding and
| did not appear to be financially viable going forward. The deal specified
| that if Amiga Inc. were to declare bankruptcy, Hyperion Entertainment (which
| prior to the development of OS4 specialized primarily in porting games from
| Windows to the Mac, Amiga, and Linux) would gain full control of the rights
| to the OS.


Wubi: The Easy Way To Test-Drive Linux On A Windows PC

,----[ Quote ]
| There must be a catch, right? Not really: If you're looking for a realistic,
| fully functional Linux desktop experience, Wubi comes awfully close. While
| you will see a slight performance penalty running Ubuntu on a Windows file
| system rather than on a native Linux partition, keeping your Windows disk
| defragmented will keep the difference to a minimum.


Why you want (and need) a Linux Live CD

,----[ Quote ]
| For the most part, on this blog, I try to convince readers to do something
| defensive on their computers - like a parent nagging a child to eat their
| vegetables. Only once have I put my foot down, so to speak, saying
| unequivocally last year that all Windows XP users should employ DropMyRights.
| Now, another emphatic endorsement - all Windows users should have a Linux
| Live CD, and, know how to use it.


When Dubie met Wubi

,----[ Quote ]
| Loyal readers of this column will remember our four-part series on installing
| one of the more popular distros of Linux, Ubuntu. Now that Ubuntu 8.4 LTS
| (Long-Term Support) has been released, with Firefox 3, you might be curious
| about how to check out and possibly use this upstart OS, but you're reticent
| because of all the nastiness you've heard about partitioning your hard drive,
| which once fell into the realm of Upper Geekdom.
| Worry no more. Wubi, a free Ubuntu installer for Windows, handles all that
| folderol. It installs Ubuntu as though it were another application on your
| hard drive, and you can delete it at your leisure. You can then test drive
| Ubuntu and its open-source applications, then switch back to Windows if you
| so desire.


Why Aren’t All Linux Live CDs Customizable?

,----[ Quote ]
| Yes, Linux is an operating system that I do recommend to people at times. I
| don’t use Linux as my operating system, but I do have several Linux live CDs.
| A live CD is one that is started as an ISO file that you download, burn it to
| a CD, pop it into your drive and reboot. Your computer will run Linux from
| memory, without writing it to your hard drive. There are even ways that you
| can put a Linux distro on a flash drive, which is nice. I can carry it around
| with me, along with some diagnostic tools. This way, if I am working on a
| machine that won’t boot into Windows, I can open it up with Linux.
| [...]
| You can even choose your default wallpaper(s), including your username, and
| including the volume at which the controller is set on boot. It’s very easy
| to create one of these, and absolutely free. If you choose to create
| a ‘custom’ CD, you choose what categories you want included… and then choose
| the software! Add what you want, and know you’ll use. Leave the rest alone.
| How cool is it to finally be able to choose what YOU want and need?


How To Make A Fully Customized KDE Live CD/DVD Using Kubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| There are tools available to allow anyone to create and distribute a
| completely customized Ubuntu Based distribution using the Gnome Desktop. Many
| Kubuntu users would like to do the same thing but such tools

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