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Re: [News] Intellectual Monopolies Kill Art, Give Welfare to Lazy Sons of Singers

Sandeep Kumar wrote:
On Fri, 28 Nov 2008 00:44:16 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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Once More, With Feeling: Copyright Is Not A Welfare System For Musicians

,----[ Quote ]
| Performance rights in the UK only last 50 years, so music performed in the | 60s has started to move into the public domain, and some musicians are | freaking out. They first tried to push for an extension using some famous | musicians, like Cliff Richards and Ringo Starr, but later realized that | people didn't have any sympathy for aging millionaire rockers, demanding more | money. So, after that proposal failed, they switched tactics, talking about | how poor studio musicians needed copyright extension as a form of welfare

Interesting coming from you Roy Schestowitz considering that you wouldn't
even proof read an OSS submission without charging money.

How come it is always the unemployed do nothings that are against other
people getting compensated for their work? I do a lot of studio work and I
am certainly thankful I don't depend upon it to put food on my table
because it is no way to get rich. It's also very difficult, high pressure
work.  I do it to keep my chops up and as a favor to some of my friends.

Are you stupid? The musicians and studio techs all got paid for their work years ago. Don't blur the issue.

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