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[News] Intellectual Monopolies Kill Art, Give Welfare to Lazy Sons of Singers

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Once More, With Feeling: Copyright Is Not A Welfare System For Musicians

,----[ Quote ]
| Performance rights in the UK only last 50 years, so music performed in the 
| 60s has started to move into the public domain, and some musicians are 
| freaking out. They first tried to push for an extension using some famous 
| musicians, like Cliff Richards and Ringo Starr, but later realized that 
| people didn't have any sympathy for aging millionaire rockers, demanding more 
| money. So, after that proposal failed, they switched tactics, talking about 
| how poor studio musicians needed copyright extension as a form of welfare      



Term Extension “will damage Commission’s reputation”, top legal advisers tell

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, the leading European centres for intellectual property research have
| released a joint letter to EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso,
| enclosing an impact assessment detailing the far reaching and negative
| effects of the proposal to extend the term of copyright in sound recordings.
| [...] “This Copyright Extension Directive, proposed by Commissioner Mccreevy,
| is likely to damage seriously the reputation of the Commission..."


Extension of sound recordings and performers’ rights: an issue of fairness

,----[ Quote ]
| In setting up the rationalist background of his title, Professor Bently noted
| that the 2004 EC Staff Working Paper, the Gowers Report, and the
| EC-commissioned IVIR report had all approached the question rationally, with
| evidence-based and economic reasoning. Each had come out against extension.


The BBC Blows it Again

,----[ Quote ]
| The BBC has sunk to new depths of sloppy reporting by failing even to mention
| why there might be another side to this story - choosing, instead, to peddle
| the musicians' sob-story...


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